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September 2010

Week 20: T'ween


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Marine Corps Viet Nam veteran Karlin shows us finely detailed frames of what most of us never knew about that war, while reminding us what we perhaps have always known about wars


... to free summer vacation breakfast in Southern Anne Arundel County


It’s not for everybody, but for the 217,000 American men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, this book is a beacon through the storm.

  Annapolis sparked a love story 40 years ago when Iain Baird took the girl he’d marry sailing for their first date. Life’s strange journey took them back where it began for retirement — with Hurricane Isabelle in their rearview mirror. But before Annapolis the second time around came Virginia, Louisiana and two more deadly storms: Hurricane Katrina and prostate cancer. Baird has written Two Storms: Prostate Cancer and Katrina in New Orleans to chronicle his tale of surviving the Big C in the Big Easy, post-Katrina. 

Acting team Anna and Alan Ostroff find a Fantastick way to express their love


How Calvert’s biggest party brings in the bucks


Depends on how you define it


The Choptank River piers named for him get you to where the big ones are