September 2010

Ensemble Galilei’s June 13 concert promotes their Walter Reed music


An old salt teaches this old dog a new lesson


Still plenty to see in nine hours


There’s plenty of fun to go around

Growing oysters is about the future of our children — and about the child in us. Watching the squigglies living among the oysters is fascinating fun for all ages.  

Making these marvels is just as much a puzzle as finding your way through them

Well-trod paths lead to dusty dead-ends. Back to the last turn. Go right instead of left, left instead of right. Until, finally, light at the end of the corn row. High fives all around. A corn maze has been successfully navigated. A sure sign of fall, these tricky trails through acres of dried cornstalks are a growing business as agri-tourism blossoms.

á la mode lingerie wins in European Flair

  More pressurized than a mammogram. More daunting than a marathon. Able to break women shoppers in a single trip. That’s my definition of buying a bra. So when my first assignment sent me to cover an award-winning brassiere shop, I felt like the new kid in first grade.

Discarding the remnants of the race to the polls

  Maryland’s September primaries are over, the polls have closed, and — for the most part — the results have been determined. For most winners, the looming general election — where the stakes are all or nothing — leave little time to celebrate. For the losers, there’s plenty of time to rue and wish Maryland had enacted late, rather than early, voting. Plenty of time to pick up — and pack up? — all the signs that proclaimed their hopes and ambitions.

In the war against the vacuum, Lothian’s Juanky is declared top dog

The  war between pets and vacuum cleaners is long-standing and seemingly inexplicable. Maybe it’s the noise. Maybe it’s the aggressive suction coupled with a rolling machine. Maybe pets just don’t like clean carpets. Eureka Vacuums, however, sought an armistice between their cleaners and your furry friends, inviting pet owners around the country to enter Fido’s Fight or Flight contest with videos of their pets reactions to the vacuum.
  Dear Bay Weekly: The Cape Henlopen Hawk Watch [] has had a couple of days with counts over 100, so the young and males are now moving south. Most of the females have probably already made it through to South America. Three of our [tagged] birds are moving. Actually four if we include Buck, our South Carolina young from ’09, who surprised us by moving his bivouac down in Venezuela.
Dear Bay Weekly: