October 2010

Give each plant room, and you’ll eat bigger, better vegetables


Can readers see beyond the block to the big picture?


Anne Arundel Countians ponder their animal magnetism at the first annual Do You Look Like Your Pet Competition


With pride and on some marvels of compassionate ingenuity

Reduced: Two single cemetery plots at Davidsonville Lakemont Memorial Gardens, section Bible B. $2,000 each. 410-708-6659.

Sailing is Collin Linehan’s sport. It’s also his career

He’s living his Chesapeake dream

  I’d like to say that I saw Raymond McAlwee’s book as soon as I walked into the Fenwick Island bookstore. But my eyes were first riveted to the mound of beckoning crab balls laid out for the store’s patrons. Munching away, I then saw the pile of books he had for sale, and I learned that the recipe for the delicious crab dish was from the same book. I went back to the plate for more of the crab, and later back to McAlwee for tales of Chesapeake Bay.  

The always puzzling Draconids

  Thursday’s new moon provides an unobscured backdrop for this year’s Draconid meteor shower, which peaks at week’s end. Not some early Halloween reference to Dracula, this annual meteor shower is named for the constellation Draco the dragon, from which the meteors seem to emanate. It’s tricky to predict the rate of the Draconids each year, but there is always the potential for some awesome stellar treats. 

The U.S. Boat Shows are a wondrous spectacle like nothing else in the world

  Folks around Annapolis have for years debated the differences between sail boaters and power boaters. Every October, the annual United States Sailboat and Powerboat Shows intensify the debate by bringing thousands of both to town back to back.

Vertical jigging snares many a pair

  Three weeks of big wind and steady rain got me thinking about a trip this time of month last year. Back then, it was calm and lovely, and we were drifting a bit south of one of the Bay Bridge rock piles in 30 feet of water. I had just lowered my rod tip to let the flashing lure at the end of my line flutter back down to the bottom.