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May 2011

The fun begins each year anew; the memories are timeless

A century ago, Chesapeake Country was vacationland.    

Fourth-Grader Teresa Pelli shows prize-winning political instincts

“If I were mayor, I would ...”         Build sidewalks, wrote Broadneck Elementary fourth-grader Teresa Pelli, beating fourth-graders from all over the state to win Maryland Municipal League’s 11th annual “If I were mayor, I would ...” essay contest.     “I thought of sidewalks right away because we can’t walk to school,” Pelli said. “We have to take the bus.”

June 1’s full moon begins the season

Love is in the air — and on Bay beaches — as love-struck horseshoe crabs begin their annual mating ritual.     These ancient marine arthropods — despite their name, they are not crustaceans — respond to the pull of the moon and spring tides to procreate. Their spawning peaks during evening tides over three to four days centered on the full new moon dates.

The last jewel, white perch, returning to the shallows

Just as horse racing has its Triple Crown, with Maryland’s Preakness its second jewel, the Chesapeake has its own Triple Crown: a gourmet celebration of the three tastiest seafoods the Bay has to offer.     This year two of our three savories — the rockfish and the blue crab — have already resumed presence around the Bay. The third, white perch, had yet to return to their traditional summertime residences.

Look overhead to Corona Borealis

With week’s end, the sun sets at 8:20 and each night after almost a minute later. But it’s still more than an hour later that the glow of dusk gives way fully to darkness. By that time Saturn shines high in the south, the only planet visible until well before dawn.

But you’ve got to keep the weeds out

It is surprising how many gardeners have approached me with questions regarding controlling weeds in their asparagus beds. I am glad to see a growing number of gardeners growing asparagus because it is a crop that you have to plant only once for many years’ harvest. It is a delicious vegetable that can be grilled, steamed, marinated or smothered with Hollandaise sauce or cheese. This year I planted a new bed of an only-male purple variety.

A fresh start offers the same old problems

A lonely Spanish fishing boat pulls up a man in its net. Clasping a map and suddenly reanimated, he mumbles something about the Fountain of Youth.     To the king!

Accidents put such a crimp on summer fun

Memorial Day weekend puts us back in the water, where some of the best fun of summer is to be had.     In its liquid embrace, our nature changes. From land-locked pedestrians, we become swimmers and skimmers. We recover a bit of the fluidity we had in our beginnings, in utero and in evolution. It feels good — as long as we’re afloat. But liquidity can go all wrong in a instant.
Dear Bay Weekly:     I have delayed in passing on my praise for Bay Weekly’s Earth Day issue, April 21. I love your editorial, “We Stand with Our Feet in the Water and Our Hands Dirty from Digging in the Earth.” [].     The Master Gardener article is inspirational [Digging In:]. I will pass it on to a friend who has just finished her master gardener training. –Sandra Bartholmey, Crystal Lake, Ill.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Thank you for the warm and thoughtful article in your May 19, 2011, edition []. Artist and member Margaret O’Brien was thrilled to be featured in this article along with an artistic photograph of her taken by Marilyn Baker