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May 2011

Dear Bay Weekly:     I am a member of the Parole Rotary Club and I want to thank you for your excellent coverage of the Naptown BarBayQ. I think the event was a great success. –Jeff Schaub, Annapolis
Dear Bay Weekly:     The Calvert Garden Club is grateful for the cover article about the 2011 Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage at Scientists’ Cliffs that appeared in your April 28 edition. For the first time in the 74-year history of the Pilgrimage, houses and gardens in Scientists’ Cliffs were featured on this tour.     Margaret Tearman’s focus on the history of Scientists’ Cliffs was enhanced by her interviews with homeowners and photos, all of which captured the unique qualities of this community.
Dear Bay Weekly:     Great article on us at PLB Comics [May 12: Putting Ink to Paper:].     Also a fantastic job on the article about Free Comic Book Day at Capital (Billy is the man!), Third Eye and Twilight Zone [The Comic Crusaders]. Thank you for contributing to giving the comics industry the good name it deserves!
Dear Bay Weekly:     I’m closing Main Street Gallery before long and want to thank you for the amazingly generous and steadfast support you have showered upon us. It has been 20 years of fun and adventure, but now I want my house back!     We’ll be doing smaller, more intimate affairs now and then; high on the list will be open-studio play dates featuring Parran Collery’s tiles (and sangria).

See this one and your sense of truth will be Enlarged! Enlivened! Enlightened!

Sir Peter Shaffer’s Lettice & Lovage requires two extremely talented actresses to be successful. The Colonial Players satisfy the playwright’s requirement by casting Mary MacLeod as Lettice Douffet and Darice Clewell as Lotte Schoen.

Three heroes use the power of comics for good

Bam! Pow! Clang! Each year with Free Comic Book Day, three stand against the melee. There’s little violence, but Steve Anderson, Billy Vogt and Bumper Moyer face throngs of fans.     It’s their favorite time of year.

Brothers work toward their dream one panel at a time

On the Eastern shore of Maryland, brothers Josh and Mat Shockley are hard at work with vigilantes, vampire hunters and multi-dimensional travelers. The brothers aren’t in charge of a secret government lair; they’re the owners and principal artists of PLB Comics.     They’ve been working on their business a few years, but comics have been their life since they could read.

The cause behind the Naptown barBAYq

No one really knows why kids get cancer. But they do, some 14,000 of them a year.     Go to Parole Rotary’s Naptown barBAYq May 13 and 14, and you’ll be helping “give a chance of living a nice long life” to the 200 kids cancer sends each year to The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore.     Like Tracie Lewis.

It takes many years to save a river

It seems odd, but the Severn River Association is the oldest group in the United States dedicated to the preservation of a river. You’d figure that honor would fall to some group affiliated with John Muir.

Nasty smells and fake snakes do the trick

Solutions to the perpetual problem of protecting your favorite plants from deer, rabbits, groundhogs and squirrels are on the shelves of your local garden center or farm supply. There are two materials on the market that I have tested and found effective, providing you follow directions carefully. They are Liquid Fence and Repels-All by Shot Gun. Both contain some of the same ingredients, with the exception that Repels-All adds dried blood.