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May 2011

Meteors and planets dance across our skies

The annual Eta Aquarid meteors will likely be at their best before dawn Friday with encores possible early Saturday and Sunday. Unless you’re pulling an all-nighter, you’ll have to wake early, as the closer to dawn the greater their intensity.

A fractured fairytale gets more splintered with poor storytelling

If a terrible movie bombs at the box office, does anyone care what a reviewer writes about it?     We’re about to find out.
Be Kind to Animals Week is May 1-7, and it’s the perfect time to encourage the young animal lovers in your life to put their compassion into action. Relating to animals’ feelings helps kids develop empathy and grow into responsible, caring citizens.
On Saturday, April 30, 260 volunteers from Chesapeake Christian Fellowship in Davidsonville put their love into action. From West River to Pasadena, 520 hands were busy building ramps, replacing floors and roofs, painting walls, clearing wooded areas, mulching, weeding and planting.

Splendid though our stories are of Mother’s influence, I bet you can top them

Margaret Tearman’s bright idea for Bay Weekly’s annual Mother’s Day story has kept me chuckling since its light popped on in her brain months ago. In the instant of illumination, she wrote her Mother Made Me essay, and that was all it took to sell me on the idea.     The Bay Weekly family of writers reacted the same way. Within minutes after I sent out the call for stories on that theme, I had five early reservations and one completed story.