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June 2012

Sometimes, you might not want all the answers

If you could ask our creator one question, what would it be? Why do bad things happen to good people? What’s the meaning of it all? Why does Adam Sandler continue to get his movies green-lighted?     This thought exercise makes one big assumption: there will be answers.     In Prometheus, director Ridley Scott (Robin Hood) takes on the question of our origins —at least our origins in the Alien mythos.

Two actors expand themselves into 15 ­characters in this Dignity Players performance

Stones in His Pockets, now at Dignity Players, has a wonderful premise: an American film crew comes back to the Irish town where The Quiet Man was filmed decades ago to make another movie. The return provides for a clash of cultures and nationalities, heightened by the incongruities of filmmaking and stereotypical star and fan behaviors.

Would you walk 30 miles for the answer?

It won’t be the walkers who are sorest after Sunday, June 10’s two-day, 30-mile Chesapeake Challenge MS Walk. It will be the chalkers.

A Bay Weekly ­conversation with local author Mick Blackistone

Mick Blackistone has a name in Chesapeake Country.     Part of it came to him effortlessly, by the grace of inheritance.     Blackistone is a name of reckoning in Maryland history. Mick, 66, his twin brother, two older sisters and scads of cousins are the 14th generation to descend from Nathaniel Blackistone, colonist under Lord Baltimore’s land grant, who arrived in Maryland in the party of the Arc and Dove in 1634.

Bay Weekly’s movie reviewer joins prestigious Washington DC Area Film Critics Association

After what she calls a “long history of being a really annoying amateur film critic,” Bay Weekly’s own Diana Beechener is now a member of the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association.     The Washington, D.C. Area Film Critics Association keeps its membership select with “stringent” criteria. Its critics must have history — at least 50 reviews in a year. Their publication must have scope: 50,000 readers a month for print.

Naptown barBAYq hands out more than $40K

The smell of barbecue rising from the grills of 41 competing Kansas City Barbecue Society teams drew 12,000 people to Annapolis for Parole Rotary Club’s second annual Naptown barBAYq Contest and Music Festival.

The Skinny on TMDL

Are you still paying attention to TMDL? Or have acronyms driven you to distraction?     We’re here to tell you there’s good news about Total Maximum Daily Loads: The big top-down plan to get every state in the Bay watershed working hard on restoration is on track and now well into Phase II.

Ancient sea creatures provide food for birds, medicine for us

On the beaches of the Chesapeake, you can consort with creatures that predate the dinosaurs and whose existence you’ve benefited from if you’ve been to the doctor in the past 30 years.     Especially if you get up very early in the morning.

Tropical Storm Alberto and pressure fronts low and high make for trouble on Leg 7 of The Volvo Ocean Race

When we last checked on The Volvo Ocean Race, the sailors had ridden the Caribbean current and safely crossed the Bermuda Triangle, reaching Miami in 17 days. In fluky, dying-wind conditions just off shore of glittering South Beach, Ian Walker and the crafty vets aboard Abu Dhabi once again showed their mastery of short-handed, close-track, in-port sailing by battling Groupama neck-and-neck the entire in-port race. PUMA stole third from Camper in a photo finish.

They’ve had plenty of fun upsetting our order of things

Halloween is known for ghosts and spirits, but it’s this time of year I expect poltergeists smashing onto the scene to upset the order of things. Washers spin like whirling dervishes, cups and spoons and cartons of cream go missing, auto windows and windshield wipers stick motionless.     Naturally, that’s the time we chose for Bay Weekly to move our office.