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October 2012

Farr Yacht Design’s Patrick Shaughnessy on creating the boats that sail round the world

Sailing legend Bruce Farr’s career began long ago and far away in his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. By the 1970s, Farr — then in his 20s — had established a reputation for designing fast, cheap boats that were easier to build and sail than most of the competition. His designs won one-quarter, one-half, three-quarter and one-ton world championships.

Southern signs on to Preservation and Innovation, with a party

It’s not your grandparents’ high school any more. Or your parents’. Or your big sister’s.     In Anne Arundel County’s 12 high schools, Signature adds a new level of specialization to the way teens learn.     Signature is the newest addition to a menu of choices county students can make in shaping their education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; International Baccalaureate; Advanced Placement; Applied Technology; ROTC; Agriculture.
The hamburger is as American as apple pie. Burgers come in many forms and incarnations, but the gist remains the same: Throw a patty between two buns, add condiments to your liking and enjoy. Where you find your favorite burger is personal choice, and options are plentiful, from fast food to fast casual to upscale. In NYC, the 21 Club’s famous burger, a novelty and an institution, sells for $32.

The best show in town reminds us that Chesapeake Country’s marine trades are alive and well

Faceting makes a stone into a gem. Brilliance shines from the cut faces and their interactions.     That may be true of places, too.     Chesapeake Country is a well-faceted place. The central facet is natural beauty, but the sidelights cut by human imagination and endeavor make this place shine still brighter. With seasonal and calendar changes, new facets catch the light. Week by week, Chesapeake Country turns new facets to fascinate us.

Tips before you buy

1.    Buy a boat that matches your intended use. 2.    If you are trailing, make sure your vehicle can pull the weight of the boat and trailer. 3.    Buy from a dealer who will educate you on all the systems on the boat. 4.    Test the line of vision from the helm to make sure you have clear visibility. 5.    Check various compartments to see how accessible maintenance will be.

Dogs compete for best costumes

Think your pup is the cutest Hallowiener?     Prove it.     Fisher’s Famous, a hot dog truck at 77 West Central Avenue in Edgewater, is seeking pups to compete for the top prize in cuteness and creativity in the Hallowiener Canine Costume contests.     To enter, snap a picture of your furry four-legged friends in their Halloween best and email it to Fisher’s Famous at, with your and your pooch’s name.

These bugs have legs 150 times stronger than ours

Clusters of long-legged creatures congregate around my screen door and atop my plants.     Granddaddy or daddy long-legs, also called harvestmen, turn up just about everywhere inside and outside of my home. I find them on walls and plants, the clothesline and the stone patio.     Daddy long-legs are arachnids, more closely related to scorpions than to spiders. They have one body section, two eyes and a segmented abdomen. Spiders have two body sections, eight eyes and are unsegmented.

If you could do it all over again ... would you still try to shoot yourself?

In the year 2072, it’s almost impossible to get rid of a body. Fortunately, time travel has been invented. It’s outlawed, but that doesn’t stop the mob from using it to clean up their kills.     Instead of outfitting a victim in cement shoes, they chuck the poor mook into a time machine. Thirty years in the past, a Looper waits in a Kansas field with a blunderbuss and a tarp, ready to shoot, wrap and incinerate whoever shows up.

Bowie Community Theatre’s Dracula

Time is short, and it’s bloody frightful. This much we sense from the moment we enter the theater, where a towering clock face in crimson and coal looms over the stage, its second hand racing. A vampire feasts on a maiden. A rampaging lunatic cackles and cowers. Scrim up. Welcome to The Bowie Community Theater’s Dracula, an ­otherwise pallid reflection of a classic.

A lot can happen in a short time, but you may have to be patient

Our day had started out with high expectations. The plan was to get on the water by 7am, catch a supply of spot for live-lining, cruise a couple of places that had been producing in the recent past, mark some good rockfish, get a quick limit and be home by noon. Conditions were right: little wind, mostly overcast with mild, short-sleeve temperatures.