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January 2013

You don’t have to wait until summer for the fun to start

The coming year will be filled with many outdoor opportunities on the Tidewater, particularly if you’re an angler. The best part is your adventures could start very soon, mid-January, in fact.     Yellow perch continue their remarkable comeback around the Chesapeake. The bite traditionally begins this month on the Susquehanna Flats at a large staging area near the mouth of the Elk River.

We’re speeding past our closest point to the sun

It’s counter-intuitive during these long, cold nights of winter, but early January brings the earth its closest to the sun in its annual orbit. Wednesday the second marked the actual point of perihelion, when we were two percent closer to the sun than usual. Earth’s orbit is not quite circular but rather egg-shaped, which creates a difference of a little more than 3 million miles from perihelion to aphelion — our farthest point from the sun — in July.

White people’s problems

A British family’s 2004 Christmas on a Thai beach paradise is spoiled when a massive tsunami devastates Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.     Maria (Naomi Watts: J. Edgar) and her eldest son Lucas (Tom Holland: The Secret World of Arrietty) are dragged by the wave through a battered countryside. Stranded in the middle of a foreign country, Lucas must figure out how to get his mother help before she succumbs to injuries.

In 2013, anything is possible

Welcome back to the future!         Don’t you love going though the tunnel and coming out on the other side?     I find the exhilaration habit-forming. Fortunately, it’s annual.     I go into the tunnel of year’s end gleefully, but I leave it dragging my feet against the re-emergence.

Why Must There Always Be a Price Tag?

I’ve been waiting for the day that the town of North Beach sticks its greedy hand out to charge fun-loving people the privilege to run into the frigid Bay. Even though I have never (and will never) run into the cold water, I’ve enjoyed watching the antics of New Year’s revelers plunging in for the fun of it. And that’s the point: For the fun of it. Now it’s for charity. Why can’t something be done for fun? Why must there always be a price tag?

Gypsy Vintage Monthly Sale

  Gypsy Vintage reopens for its monthly sale of shabby chic recreations to furnish your home in style. Sa 8am-5pm; Su 10am-3pm at Gypsy Vintage, on the corner of Rt. 4 & 258, Lothian:

Worth the Trip Bridal Show

  Envision your waterfront wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club’s Bridal Show. Drink champagne as you meet pastry chefs, décor experts, bridal fashion designers, DJs and florists. The club’s culinary team serve menu samples for your big day. noon-5pm at 500 Marina Club Rd., Stevensville. $20 w/rsvp discounts: 410-604-1933;

Galesville Bluegrass

  Hear Chester River Runoff play their original blend of Eastern Shore bluegrass at Galesville Memorial Hall’s First Saturday concert. Beer and wine sold. Benefits the West River Improvement Association. Doors open at 7:30pm, show 8-10pm at 952 Main St., Galesville. $20 w/rsvp discounts: 520-786-0463;

Maple Syrup Campfire

  Learn how to identify maple tress and watch the long process of cooking sap into syrup. Campfire-cooked ash cakes from syrup also on the menu. 2:30-4pm at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary. rsvp: 410-535-5327; 

Merkle’s Timeless Treasure

  Make molds of winter plants to take nature home. Layer on to work indoors and out. 2-3pm at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, 11704 Fenno Rd., Upper Marlboro: 301-888-1377;