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February 2013

Soup & Science

  Enjoy a cup of homemade soup with fresh bread and learn the good, the bad and the ugly about invasive snakeheads at Jug Bay Sanctuary’s Soup and Science Talk. noon-3pm at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Lothian. $5 w/discounts: 410-741-9330;

With Black History Month, remember that the Civil Rights movement swept America on television

With only 28 days, February has to hurry.     Even more so on the Bay Weekly calendar, where our shortest month gets a late start this year. With January packed full of five Thursdays, our first paper of the month comes to you on February 7. So we’re already late for Groundhog’s Day, when Punxsutawney Phil and Chesapeake Chuck pop up to predict spring.

Mercury joins Mars in its last hurrah

For more than a month now, Mars has been clinging to the southwest horizon in evening twilight. The next couple weeks are your last chance to spot our red neighbor, which has been a fixture in the night sky for more than a year and a half. But he goes out in style, joined this week by much brighter Mercury in a spectacluar conjunction.

Regional Art Reception

  See photography that experiments with subject and technique and start a social dialogue at Maryland Federation of Art’s gallery. Meet the juror, who chose best black and white, best color and most creative at today’s reception (3-6pm). Showing thru Feb. 24 Tu-Su 11am-5pm at 18 State Circle, Annapolis: 410-268-4566; 

KIDS Chinese New Year

  Greet the Year of the Snake in red clothing and learn about the 5,000-year tradition of the Chinese New Year. 2-4pm at Chesapeake Children’s Museum, 25 Silopanna Rd., Annapolis. free with $4 admission: 410-990-1993; 

If you can’t win her heart, you can always eat it

R (Nicholas Hoult: X-Men: First Class) is a directionless 20-something. Unmotivated, grungy and introspective, R spends his days wandering the airport, speaking in grunts when accosted.     R is also a zombie.     But unlike many zombies, R feels conflicted about his blood lust. He’s curious about the humans he feasts on and tries his best to remember what it was like to be a person instead of a predator. He collects objects that he deems especially human: magazines, records, toys.

Spring Pruning 101 • free

  Learn which greens you should prune early in the spring, which after they bloom. 11am-noon at Homestead Gardens, Davidsonville; 410-798-5000; 2-3pm at Severna Park; 410-384-7966:

Passionate singing electrifies ­scripture with personal resonance

When two 20-somethings recorded a musical version of the Passion of Jesus Christ in 1971, rock opera was an innovation. Then Norman Jewison turned Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score and Tim Rice’s lyrics into the iconic 1973 film Jesus Christ Superstar, slapping audiences awake with an electrified take on the scriptures.

Bugeye Ball

  Dress up, ideally in Oriental finery, to drink, dine, dance and play casino games among the creatures and exhibits of Calvert Marine Museum at the annual Bugeye Ball. Ken’s Creative Kitchen serves a menu derived from Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. 7-11pm at the Museum, Solomons. $150; rsvp: 410-326-2042; 

Star Gaze • free

  Gaze at the planets, stars and moons with the Anne Arundel Community College Astronomy Club at community observing night. Bring your telescopes and binoculars or use club telescopes. 7-10pm in the rear of lots A and B, AACC, 101 College Pkwy., Arnold: 410-777-1820;