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March 2013

Follow the Waterman’s Way

Learn about the Chesapeake Bay through hands-on activities like oyster tonging and in an interactive exhibit devoted to the waterman’s way of life. noon-4pm: free: Annapolis Maritime Museum, Second St. at Back Creek, Eastport: 410 295-0104;

Meet at the ­Community Crossroads

Anne Arundel County’s working courthouse has seen 188 years of history. The exhibit Crossroads of the Community introduces you to the real-life historic drama the city has seen and to the people who played leading roles. Anne Arundel County Courthouse Museum, 7 Church Circle, Annapolis: 9:30am-4pm: free;

Build an Oyster Reef

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Oyster Restoration Center     Help restore our native oysters by constructing concrete reef balls to become habitat for oysters, fish, blue crabs and other critters. Dress to work outdoors, including gloves and boots. Bring lunch and water. You’ll also tour the Center. Children welcome with adults. 4800 Atwell Rd., Shady Side: 9am-2pm: free with rsvp; 410-268-8816;

Over just three days, 379 years of Maryland history come to life

On March 25, 1634, voyagers from the ships the Ark and the Dove erected a cross on St. Clement’s Island in the Potomac River and offered prayers for surviving their four-months’ voyage. Thereupon, they took “possession of this Countrey for our Saviour and for our soveraigne Lord the King of England.”     The Piscataway Indians who already lived there likely suggested the colonists go elsewhere, and St. Mary’s City became the seat of Lord Baltimore’s new colony.

Tiny frogs seldom seen but often heard

Spring has sprung.         Spring peepers are wide awake and calling out loud.     These tiny frogs are among the first to call and breed. Only the males sing. They’re calling for mates.     Competition’s tough.     Females choose a mate by the quality of his call.     You can tell a peeper by a prominent dark X mark on its back.

Brussels sprouts on pizza … Soft-shell crab on an Old Bay waffle

I admit to food biases. Some foods I have no interest in wasting calories on: sweet potatoes (even the trendy fried version), liver and onions (I get nauseous thinking about it) and fois gras (there’s that liver again). So when I was invited to try two new dishes at California Pizza Kitchen at the Westfield Mall, you’ve gotta give me credit for venturing outside of my comfort zone for two of my least favorite foods: Brussels sprouts and beets.

Dress warmly to explore our shared history

With spring and winter still grappling in their annual wrestling match, I’m hoping the gentler season will gain the upper hand with its official arrival at 7:02am March 20.     In truth, I’m longing for a nice spell of sunny warmth. For spring is clearly inching into control. Look around and you see the truth: Nature’s palette is brightening with sap greens, lemon yellows and ultramarine violets. Nature’s music is lilting with bird and frog song.

Prune hard, now!

A Bay Weekly reader lamented over how tall her azaleas had grown. She could no longer see out of the living room windows and would have to pay to have them replaced. I told her that all she had to do was cut them back to at least two inches below the ledge of the window. The plants would rejuvenate. The expression on her face clearly indicated that she thought me a complete idiot.

Wimsey Cove Grand Opening

Find historic maps from all over the world at Wimsey Cove Maps & Arts new store in West Annapolis. Check out the store at today's grand opening. 103 Annapolis St., West Annapolis: 443-995-8978; 

The Addams Family has nothing on these people

In a palatial old home filled with dead birds and 1960s amenities, 18-year-old India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska: Lawless) is searching for her birthday present. This year the box is empty and her father is a no-show at dinner. India is devastated when she discovers that her father was killed in a car crash.