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September 2013

Plant natives, reduce maintenance, create an outdoor living space

Don’t miss this great opportunity to enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Fall is the best time for renovating your existing landscaping. Replace or add trees and shrubs now so they are able to establish their root systems and gain a season of growth. Your watering and maintenance time will be reduced next season, and you will be able to appreciate an established landscape in the spring.

There’s something for everyone

Art Things in West Annapolis now stocks Canson Infinity brand computer print papers so your vacation photographs will look spectacular.     If you enjoy old hardware stores, you’ll like Art Things. From screen-printing to gilding, from oil painting to fabric arts, from comic art to clay: Art Things has the tools and the materials.

Interior how-tos

Interior decorators are always talking about the importance of balance and proportion. It applies to color, shape, texture and style. When it comes to home decorating, mixing modern items with antiques is a great idea because it keeps a room fresh, adds contrast and depth and ultimately creates balance.     Filling a room with antiques simply because they’re antiques is never a good idea; likewise with modern decor. Pieces can get lost when paired solely with like items. Instead, try mixing things up to call attention to individual items.

Here’s how to get started

Dear EarthTalk: I’m planning a major home renovation and want to include as many green-friendly features as possible. Where do I begin to look?     –Matthew Glaser, Queens, NY

Give new plants a head start

Plant fall-blooming camellias, rhododendron, kalmia and more. Or look for screening selections, such as cherry laurel, skip laurel, photinia and arborvitae.     Seed now to give seedlings time to establish during these cool fall temperatures, which are optimum for root growth. For a beautiful lawn, use Homestead Garden’s own premium tall fescue blend.     When reseeding, use Scotts Turf Builder lawn soil to get your seeds off to a strong start leading to a healthier lawn next year.

    Last Wednesday was not an ordinary day. It was 9/11 2013.

I’d gladly travel back in time for another first look at this production

Facing a time-travel problem, Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Janeway looked pained, rubbed her forehead and moaned, “Time-travel paradigms: they give me such a headache!”     Colonial Players’ Communicating Doors will cure any time-travel problem, indeed any headache.

A beautiful movie shackled to a terrible script

Two little girls go outside to play and never return. That’s the chilling premise for Prisoners, a beautiful, artistic film that unfortunately stole its overlong script from a low-rate episode of Law & Order.

Kids Time at the Libraries

Crofton Library: 9:30am: 18-month-olds to 3-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays •10:30am: Three- to 5-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays • 3:30pm: Elementary schoolers improve reading skills with help from Ladybug, a Yorkie dog tutor; rsvp: 410-222-7915. South County Library, Deale: 6:30pm: Two- to 5-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays: 410-222-1925. Severna Park: 9:30am: Babies to two-year-olds hear short songs and stories: 410-222-6290.

Kids Time at the Libraries

Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library: 11am: Two- to 5-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays: 410-222-1770. Broadneck Branch: 10am: Babies to 2-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays: 410-222-1905. Edgewater Library: 9:30am: Babies to 2-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays • 11am: Two- to 5-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays: 410-555-1538. Mountain Road Library, Pasadena: 9:30am: Two- to 5-year-olds enjoy stories, songs and finger plays: 410-222-6699.