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November 2013

Local animal lovers read local Short Leash writer

If you read Marley and Me and cried like a baby, we may have the book club for you.     The readers in this club carry their passion about animals into their taste in books. They’ll read any animal-themed book. They started on The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein and The Pitbull Placebo by Karen Delise.     This month the young, unnamed group — mostly Anne Arundel County SPCA volunteers — is reading local memoirist Janice Gary’s Short Leash.

From perch to rock to sea trout — this lure will get them when others won’t

Temperatures were in the mid-50s, the tide was close to slack and a light wind was out of the southwest at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Hoping for a good score on the white perch that had been gathering there the last two weeks, we were armed with medium-weight jigging rods and two-ounce Bernie’s Bomber Rigs.     Marking a nice school, we dropped our lures down to the bottom some 45 feet below and started the yo-yo action that we hoped would draw some strikes from our favorite frying fish, wintertime white perch. We didn’t have long to wait.

From asparagus to strawberries to tools, you’ve got a few more tasks

The gardening season is almost over, but there are some loose ends that need your attention.

Nothing here but wit, and that aplenty

Of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest 1895 premiere, critic William Archer wrote in The World newspaper, “What can a poor critic do with a play which raises no principle, whether of art or morals, creates its own canons and conventions and is nothing but an absolutely willful expression of an irrepressibly witty personality?”     Wilde’s irrepressible wit lives on, irresistible to even the tradition-revering United States Naval Academy’s oldest club, the Masqueraders.

The story of a man who wanted to die with his boots on

A few lines of cocaine, a three-way with rodeo groupies and a belt or two of whiskey is how Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey: Mud) liked to start his mornings. Before long, hard living and hard fighting make a mess of this bull rider.     In hospital after an accident, he learns he’s been infected with HIV, a relatively new disease in 1985. Doctors offer counseling and a death sentence of 30 days. Incensed at the suggestion that he has a disease of gay people, Ron does what he does best: make an ugly scene and go on a bender.

Kids Time at the Libraries

Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library: 410-222-1770: All day Thanksgiving gobble-gobble craft for all ages • 10am stories for up to 2 years. Severna Park Library: 410-222-6290: 10am stories for up to 5 years.

Kids Time at the Libraries

Annapolis Library: 410-222-1750: 10am Thanksgiving Stone Soup songs, games and crafts for preschoolers. Severna Park Library: 410-222-6290: 2pm Hunger Games obstacle course for tweens and teens. Edgewater Library: 410-222-1538: 6pm LegoPalooza for all ages. Crofton Library: 410-222-7915: 7pm stories for 2-3 years.

Kids Time at the Libraries

Crofton Library: 410-222-7915: 2pm games based on Ender’s Game for teens. South County Library, Deale: 410-222-1925: 2pm LegoPalooza for all ages. Broadneck Branch Library: 410-222-1905: 6:30pm Bingo and Trivial Pursuit for all ages.

Kids Time at the Libraries

South County Library, Deale: 410-222-1925: All day Thanksgiving crafts for all ages. Southern Library, Solomons: 410-326-5289: 10am stories for up to 5 years. Fairview Library, Owings: 410-257-2101: 10am stories; 10:45 playtime for up to 5 years. Twin Beaches Library: 410-257-2411: 10am stories; 10:45 playtime for up to 5 years. Prince Frederick Library: 410-535-0291: 10am stories; 11am playtime for up to 5 years.

Adopt a Soldier

Join Severna Park Republican Women’s Club and make Christmas brighter for 94 Maryland National Guard soldiers deployed to Afghanistan. Requested contributions include snacks, powdered drink mixes, games, socks, T-shirts, toothpaste & toothbrushes, aspirin, pain relievers, shampoo & conditioner, sunscreen, lip balm, disposable razors, shaving cream, tissues, bars of soap, cough drops, first aid items, stationery, hand lotion, sewing kits, shoe polish kits, postcards, pre-paid long distance phone cards, pens, pencils, playing cards, DVD movies and disposable cameras.