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June 2014

July 3 and 4

Thursday July 3 Chesapeake Beach Independence Night Clay Hunt and Pure Delight play under the Bandshell (7-9:45pm). As night falls, a kaleidoscope of fireworks ignites Bay waters. Reserve a table at the Rod ’N’ Reel or pick spots along the Chesapeake Beach boardwalk for a free view. But arrive early; the best spots are usually claimed from 5-6pm. Watching by boat gives you a fine view. Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa: 410-257-2230;

Crossettes, Chrysanthemums and Cakes light up the Chesapeake

Professional choreography does the trick

Even the biggest Fourth of July fire-works shows are over in minutes. Planning lasts much longer. Choreographing the shows is a job for professionals. The bigger the budget, the bigger the display — in length and drama.

June into July is the Bay at its best

“It’s a beautiful day. Don’t let it get away,” my husband emails, quoting Bono.     So I’m writing with urgency, eager to leave my computer for the Bay, the perfect rhyme to day and away.     I’ll feel the same tomorrow. What day isn’t beautiful this time of year? Why let any of them get away?

Unity Gardens spreads the green

Anne Arundel County blooms with the help of Unity Gardens twice a year. This non-profit organization raises money to helps community groups with twice-yearly grants to green their spaces. The new cycle to apply for grants up to $1,000 runs from July 1 through August 31. So act now or wait until January.

Playing in Annapolis: "It's always a good time."

When I go downtown with my guitar, it’s impossible to not meet new people. I’ve met a lot of crazy characters while playing downtown — plenty of funny drunk people, but other musicians too.

Captain a STEM crew this summer

Many good sailors believe sailing is an art. All great sailors know that sailing is about the science, math and engineering that go into designing, building and piloting a modern sailboat. That’s not news at the National Sailing Hall of Fame in Annapolis.     “Sailing has a large crossover with science, engineering and math. Sailors constantly use these disciplines for navigation, racing strategy and boat design,” Hall of Fame educator Geoff Cuneo told Bay Weekly.

Don’t count your ducklings before they’re hatched

Over Memorial Day weekend, the egg appeared on a seat in my cockpit.     Clearly a boating friend was playing a practical joke on me. He must have come across a greyish-green egg as he was making breakfast and decided the obvious thing to do was leave it on the boat where my daughter and I make our home.     Not to be bested, I imagined a whirlwind of revenge pranks.

Kings fall, peasants rise

Another wild week of World Cup action, with loads of goals, last-minute rallies and unprecedented upsets.     Spain has been dethroned, eliminated from the tournament at the hands of high-flying Netherlands and red-hot Chile. After Monday’s meaningless win against Australia, the conquistadors walked off the pitch with their heads low and crowns removed. World Cup 2014 was an utter failure for the 2010 champions.

The law is a two-way street for drivers and for cyclists

I’m one of those bicyclists that motorists love to hate.