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July 2014

1990 42' Evans Somerset – Twin Volvo diesels, bus heater, Onan generator, refrigerator, electric stove, anchor winch and electronics. $54,900. 410-647-5444.

Still time to escape in a good book

     With half of summer stretching before you, there’s still time to get lost in a good book.     Armchair travelers stretch our confined worlds with books that take us places we’ll probably never see on our own. Certainly not with the open-eye and open-heart clarity of the ­writers we love best.

Here’s to one more summer of reading

     Call me anything but late to the table — unless I’m reading a good book. So I’ve often carried book to table.     “I’ve spent my life looking over the breakfast table at a book,” my grandmother Florence Martin lamented. “Your grandfather. Your father and his brother. And now you.”     Or as Florence’s daughter-in-law my mother Elsa would say, “Take your nose out of that book!”

Mine makes 15,001

     Five years ago in Wisconsin, Todd Bol built a model of a one-room schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother, a former teacher. He installed it on a post in his front yard and filled it with books to give away. It was such a hit with his neighbors that he built and gave away several more, each with a sign that read free books.

Sweet fish swim in sweetwater

     Rockfish, bluefish, perch, spot and croaker dominate the summertime fishing news when it comes to recreational species in Maryland. But almost half of all the fishing licenses sold by Maryland Department of Natural Resources are purchased by sweet-water anglers.

The everyday banalities of saving the world

     Günter Bachmann (Philip Seymour Hoffman: Catching Fire) isn’t a man who stands out in a crowd. His shoulders hunch, pulling awkwardly at his ill-fitting jacket. His softening middle hangs over his pants, the product of poor diet and long days at a desk. His weary, weathered face reveals bright blue eyes often peering over the rim of a whiskey glass.

Lesson 3: Jumpstart your garden with compost tea

     Your organic garden will need a jumpstart. Organic gardening relies entirely on the release of nutrients from the decomposition of organic matter and the bodies of the microorganisms that digest the organic matter in the soil. In cold soils, nutrients are not readily available.

Shakespeare Company’s The Tempest

  Stranded on an island after a harsh storm, castaways are guided by love and power. Shakespeare’s 1610 comedy The Tempest is directed by Helen Hayes Award nominee Jay D. Brock. Playing Aug. 1-17 F 8pm; Sa 2pm and 8pm; Su 3pm at Bowie Playhouse at White Marsh Park; $30 w/discounts; rsvp: 410-415-3513;

Spamalot at Summer Garden Theatre


Shakespeare Company’s Imaginary Invalid

  A hypochondriac father wants his daughter to marry a doctor who will treat him for free. The daughter wants the man of her choice. Big personalities bring laughs in this 17th century comedy written by Moliere, with modern adaptation by Timothy Mooney. Playing Aug. 5 thru Oct. 7: Tuesdays at 7:30pm at The Courtyard at Reynolds Tavern, Annapolis. $20 w/discounts; drinks and dinner separately priced: rsvp: 410-415-3513;