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November 2017

The UU Congregation of the Chesapeake Examines Their Roots

Event Date:  December 3, 2017 - 10:30am - 11:30am The story of Unitarian Universalism is a fascinating tale. Unitarianism and Universalism started as reform movements within Christianity—Unitarianism, in Trinitarian Europe of the 1560’s, and Universalism, in America in response to the fire and brimstone theology of the Great Awakening. On December 3rd, Dr. Robert Clegg will visit the UUCC to examine the history of Unitarians and Universalists in America, looking at their theological roots, their histories as denominations, and how their contrasting structure and polities were reconciled so the 1961 merger could happen. Dr. Location Yardley Hills Community Center 700 Yardley Drive Prince Frederick, MD United States See map: Google Maps
Thanksgiving is a Wonderful Time to Remember We Are All Immigrants      I am grateful for your cover and story in Nov. 16’s Bay Weekly.      Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to remind us that we are (most all of us) immigrants, and how very special becoming an American can be and is for so many folks who have not had the good fortune and advantages that most of us who were born in the USA have had.

Into gifts that can change lives

     I hope that you are among the fortunate who counted and credited your blessings in the company of family and friends all anticipating digging into the Thanksgiving feast.      I hope your dinner was rich with food and fellowship and wine, the latter if you’re so inclined.      I hope your harvest was good, whether gathered by hand from fields and Bay or from resources of later invention.

Six small ways Chesapeake neighbors are making a better world 

     Our neighbors are some amazing people. They do not take for granted the privilege of living in Chesapeake Country in comfort and community amidst a larger world where so many suffer famine, flood, fighting and so many degrees of inferiority.      They interpret that privilege as a challenge to make a better world. Rich in resources as we are, many of us take that challenge far and wide. Others find their mission here at home — for even here, good fortune is not equally distributed.

Play Santa in ways that matter

     Taking care of each other is one of the cornerstones of the Christmas spirit, for everyone deserves a gift from the heart — especially those for whom any gifts are hard to come by.      You can give in small ways, like dropping a donation into a Salvation Army red kettle. Or in large ways, like fully funding a family’s Christmas meal and wish lists.      Use this guide to spark an idea on how to spread the warmth and generosity of the season.

How to sing Messiah for St. James’ sing-along

     On key, according to Michael Ryan, the mighty voice retired from the President’s Own U.S. Marine Band and, later, St. Mary’s College to lead Chesapeake Country in a unique opportunity to sing George Frideric Handel’s most beloved and “accessible” oratorio.
Coming our way from Kootenai National Forest, Montana
     Christmas is coming to our nation’s capitol.      In a 47-year tradition, the Christmas tree that shines throughout December on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol is cut in one of the nation’s states.

You can catch a fish, but take care not to catch hypothermia

     Yes, it can be uncomfortable but it can also be exhilarating to catch fish this time of year. Even in the low 40s, you can catch fish, particularly rockfish and white perch.      But before you even think of going out, take two precautions.      Do not go out on the water when temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

Watering to keep your plants happy 

     More houseplants are killed by improper watering than by any other practice. Here are three faults to avoid in growing indoor plants year-round or over winter.   Fault 1: Too little water       If you add only enough water to wet the surface of the soil, the soil in the middle and at the bottom of the pot will be as dry as the Sahara dessert.

A boy pursues his dream through the land of the dead in this gorgeous film

     Music is a dirty word in Miguel’s (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez: Icebox) family. It’s been banned since his great-great-grandfather abandoned the family to chase dreams of fame as a singer. Miguel is destined to continue the family business, making shoes, and hand it on to the next generation.        But Miguel has music in his blood.