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November 2017

Fruit & Sausage Fundraiser Sale

Fruit & Sausage Fundraiser Sale
The Mystery of the Missing Birds, Continued      Yes, Mr Stewart, I am seeing this also. I too live on four-plus acres and have always had birds at my feeders. This year I filled the feeder first with a mixed bag of seed. No birds...thought seed rancid or ?? Dumped the mixed and then filled the feeder with black oil sunflower seeds. Still no birds. Next step? Clean the feeder completely and try another brand? Not sure. Open to suggestions! Please!
Turn on the lights. Bring in the tree. Rejoice in pageantry. 
     “There’s a big beautiful tree all lit up in the Smiths’ window.” That was the news my husband brought in with newspapers and coffee this morning. After seeing the neighbors’ tree in the late predawn, he was about to haul in ours, now soaking up water as the Bay Gardener directs in this week’s column.       “Don’t you think it’s a little early?” I asked. “It is still November.” 
     With the coming weeks offering events and attractions promising to wow you, amaze you and fill your hearts with holiday wonder and glad tidings, how do you choose which of the season’s pageants makes it on to your calendar?      Here’s a bit of guidance that may help you to inspire a new tradition or rediscover a forgotten favorite.   What: Illuminated London Town  

We add another family favorite to our holiday list

      The ghosts of Christmas haunt the Twin Beaches this time of year. One is angelic, one is joyful and one is downright frightening. Yet their messages penetrate to the heart of the season.       The three spirits, characters in Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol, made quite an impression on my family last weekend, as we attended the opening of the final production in Twin Beach Players’ 20th season.
You’ve gotta have hope to wring the last fish out of the season
     The pictures Mike showed me were what I hadn’t seen for too long, two nice 35-plus-inch rockfish with heavy bellies and dark, shiny stripes. They’d been caught by friends earlier that day.       Then he made an offer I ­couldn’t turn down.       “Ryan’s picking up the menhaden, chum, snacks and water in the morning,” he said. “Meet us at the dock at 7am.” 

How to buy and treat your tree

      A fresh-cut Christmas tree is not necessarily a safe Christmas tree. An evergreen tree loses water from its needles as soon as it is cut. It will lose more water after you tie it to the roof of your car and drive 50 miles per hour. If you don’t care for that tree properly after you arrive home, it can rapidly become a fire hazard by the time you bring it indoors and decorate it.

Grief makes monsters in this funny, savage film

     In the seven months since Mildred Hayes’ (Frances McDormand: Hail, Caesar!) daughter was murdered, no progress has been made in the case. Furious, Mildred decides to shame the corrupt, small-town police department into action. She uses her meager savings to rent three dilapidated billboards on the lonely road to her home. 

Holiday Madrigal Dinner

rsvp now for Dec. 8 & 9, 15 & 16: Colonial Christmas comes to life at this annual historic feast. Drink wassail before a roaring fire, and examine the elaborate decorations of the State House. Retire to the dining hall for a scrumptious family-style Christmas meal featuring Southern Maryland favorites accompanied by traditional holiday tunes. FSa 6pm, State House of 1676, St. Mary’s City, $95 w/discounts: 240-895-4991.

Renaissance Christmas Concerts

Dec. 7 thru 10: The Chesapeake Choral Arts Society in period dress takes you back to the Elizabethan era of great feasts in great halls with the joy and merriment of the season. Free performance on Th Dec. 7 to benefit Peace Lutheran Church Food Pantry; contributions appreciated, plus cookie sales. Dec. 8 & 9 includes full dinner (choice of ham, turkey with stuffing or vegetarian lasagna) and dessert ($40 w/discounts). Dessert reception follows Su concert ($15 w/discounts).