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The Fruit Keeps Growing

Evelyn’s adds to its gallery of produce
      The fruits of Brandon Stalker’s labors are visible inside and outside his West Annapolis restaurant.
       Inside Evelyn’s, food is organic, local and sustainably sourced. 
      Outside, tall stalks of asparagus shoot from Evelyn’s front lawn, a giant pear sculpture nests on the corner of Annapolis Street and Gidding Avenue and a lustrous eggplant shines in vegetative virtue.
      The sculptures, installed a year ago, attracted business for Evelyn’s and became a showcase for artist Jan Kirsh. Now two more artists have joined Evelyn’s outdoors gallery.
      “I was approached by Jeff Huntington, the artist,” Stalker told me. “He was looking to put up a mural in West Annapolis. We were more than excited to accommodate him.”
       Huntington and fellow muralist James Houlcroft created the fruit bowl, adding brilliant tanagers to the mix. The mural covers the building’s west gable. 
       “They’re a species local to Maryland,” Stalker said, “so it fit our theme perfectly.”