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Peter Pan

Magical flight beyond Neverland

     Peter Pan is an ageless adventure in a magical realm of opportunity and imagination. It’s impossible to stay earthbound when Peter Pan (Sam Ellis), Wendy (Lucy O’Brien), Michael (Tad Clifton) and John (Connor McCarty) lift off from the stage to fly to Neverland.
    Talent Machine’s cast of 38 kids ages seven to 14 are triple threats. They have trained through Stageworkz, the teaching center associated with Talent Machine. The cast has lots of rhythmic dancers. The Indian girls, lead by Tiger Little (Annalie Ellis) have tough choreography demanding they step in sync. Voices are sweetly mature; especially enjoyable are the opening number with the Darlings’ darling singing and Peter Pan’s rocking solos throughout the show.
    Timmy Kandra (Smee) raves about the “creative set and the talent of the cast, especially my boy Sam (Peter Pan)” that take you on the journey to Neverland.
    Sim Rivers, debut director and university theater student, gets his young actors to give their best. Choreography by Tabitha Thornhill plays to dancers’ strengths and animates the show.
    An uplifting musical with cute kid actors, Peter Pan delivers professional quality with a community theater price tag. It excites the young and reminds the rest of their youth.

    Director: Sim Rivers. Choreographer: Tabitha Thornhill. Musical director: Cyndi Wallman. Set designer: Jennifer Keuthe. Sound, lighting, props and costumes: Parent volunteers. President: Lea Capps.

    Playing July 11-20 ThFSa 7:30pm; Su 2pm & 6:30pm (2pm only July 20) at Key Auditorium, St. John’s College, Annapolis. $15; rsvp: 410-956-0512;