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Articles by Susan Nolan

But we always slowed for a lunch
      “At lunchtime, we pull out a tablecloth, spread it on the conference table and we all eat together,” I said. “It’s delightful.”

A quick-paced hour of family-friendly humor

      Need a quick tutorial in the true meaning of Christmas? The Colonial Players’ production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever fits the bill. The plot is simple: The Herdmans are a seemingly parentless group of siblings known for picking fights, smoking cigars and extorting lunch money from their classmates. They show up at Sunday school hoping to snag free snacks. Instead, they commandeer all the best roles in the church’s annual Christmas pageant....

Third World artisans to Davidsonville Church Women to survivors of domestic violence

       To spread Christmas cheer while making a positive impact globally and locally, the women of Davidsonville United Methodist Church teamed with Ten Thousand Villages for the church’s third annual Alternative Christmas Market. The Pennsylvania-based non-profit helps artisans in developing countries sell their crafts world-wide.


Bayside History Museum keeps up the tradition

      Tom Crockett’s toy train display at Tan’s Cycles was a holiday hit for 17 years. From Christmas trains running every December, he expanded to include Halloween trains in October and November. Crowds of children with their parents and grandparents poured into his shop to watch the trains speed past mountains, towns and itty-bitty people.


South County Call N’ Ride came to my rescue

     My dashboard lit. My engine choked. I coasted into the Good Old Days parking lot in Deale feeling fortunate to have my car break down so close to my mechanic. But how to get home?


Staging the Bible is a big production

     Straight from the pages of the Bible’s Book of Genesis, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a natural fit for Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park. The upcoming production follows on the church’s previous success of biblically themed Godspell in 2017 and Children of Eden in 2018. 

You have to get up early if you’re going to fill your basket
     “Nothing is better than being on the water in the morning,” I tell my skeptical family as we head out the door at 5:45am.

Highschoolers shone as ­highschoolers shining

     School of Rock is a success by all measures. 
     The 2003 movie starred Jack Black, who won an MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance and was nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actor. In 2015, Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes rewrote the movie for stage with new music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was nominated for four Tonys.

Tom Crockett’s trains at Tan’s Cycles

     “He created a destination with his trains,” Marygrace Baergen says as she gestures across the kitchen table to her brother Tom Crockett.
      A pile of thank-you notes and old pictures are scattered on the table. Cardboard boxes wait to be unpacked in Crockett’s new house in Rose Haven, where he moved from the apartment at his former business, Tan’s Cycles in North Beach.