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Chesapeake Country has long had its own grass-roots music community, but with the rise of local talent combined with the draw of renowned musicians and their loyal fans, Maryland’s capital city is becoming the music capital of the East

These last days of August, you might think you were living in Nashville or Austin, what with the waves of musical talent from near and far rolling onto our shores.

From August 19 to 21, the legendary Four Freshmen re-capture the Big Band Era and draw hundreds of fans to Annapolis in the group’s 2010 international convention.


The way to kill a thirsty weed during drought is to pull it

A Bay Weekly reader called complaining that the weed killer Roundup was not killing the weeds he was spraying. Matter of fact, he said, “ I might just as well have been spraying the weeds with water.”

If you read the Roundup label carefully, you’ll see that it “should be applied only on actively growing weeds.”


Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you for your lovely editorial [Aug. 5] about the new Edward T. Hall Aquatic Center in Prince Frederick.


Everything living eventually dies. If it weren’t for decomposers, we would be buried in all of the dead stuff.

Perhaps you thought you were living in the age of technology? Yes, humans with our tools and machines have had a tremendous impact on earth. Evidence of human impact goes back thousands of years, and the pace is rapidly accelerating. But a few thousand years is just a moment in the history of the earth. It might be easier to argue that we are living in the age of the beetle.


So don’t quit trying to have too much fun

On Tuesday, August 24, school resumes in both Anne Arundel and Calvert counties, and it’s back to work for not only those tens of thousands of students but also for principals, teachers, counselors, librarians, cafeteria workers, custodians and school bus drivers.


In the water, on the land and in the heavens, fall is on the way

The gibbous moon waxes to full Tuesday, traveling through the rising constellations of autumn. At one time, great sturgeon filled America’s waterways each August as they fattened up for the coming cold, and so this full moon was called the Sturgeon Moon. But these days the fish are so scarce they are off limits to anglers....

Week 23: Too Hot Even for Osprey

All three are now gone from view most of the day. They are probably sitting up in trees to keep out of the sun. It has been blistering lately. I don’t know if any fishing lessons are going on. I haven’t seen any from my window, but that’s usually the next step after the young ones get flight proficient.