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Celebrating a February 28 Birthday

On February 28, 1994, my granddaughter was born six weeks premature in Anne Arundel Medical Center. Katie weighed less than five pounds and had a mild case of jaundice. Because she was such a preemie, for four weeks they kept her in the hospital, where she was initially connected to several devices. I credit the nurses and staff at the hospital for their excellent skills and care in ensuring that she survived those early weeks.
    I visited Katie so frequently that the nurses adopted me. On St. Patrick’s Day in 1994 they gave me a homemade gift containing a green paper shamrock and a copy of Katie’s footprints. I have treasured that gift for the last 21 years.
    I do not know the names of the nurses who treated Katie, but I hope they will see this letter and know how much I appreciate the homemade gift and also the precious gift of my granddaughter’s life.
    Katie has grown to be a beautiful, intelligent and accomplished young woman who is currently a junior at the University of Maryland. I have been very fortunate to watch her grow and share her life.
    –John O’ Hara, Bowie