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If Not For The Children, Then Who?

Why should we save Chesapeake Bay?
    This was the question posed to Shady Side Elementary School fifth-graders invited to participate in the annual flag-raising ceremony at the West River Sailing Club on Saturday, April 22. Coinciding with this year’s Earth Day/Day of Science, the ceremony took on a heightened appreciation of the need to preserve our Bay.
    Our future generation of caretakers responded around a common theme.
    “Animals in the Bay need to be protected because they, the crabs, oysters, are part of a community that keeps the Bay going,” said Nia Fogg.
    Taylor Fogg, pointed out that pollution in the Bay is bad for oysters that help filter the water and keep it clear, and that we need to keep it clean to keep the animals safe and alive.
    A’Mya Mackall, Julia Teitelbaum, Genevieve Squires and Micaella Lindskold, all agreed that our Bay creatures are at risk and we need to take care of them by taking care of the Chesapeake so they aren’t dying.
    In addition to concern over the Bay needing to be a healthy habitat for plants and animals alike, Haylee Davis, Sophie Grigg and Eliza Bayne, commented on the need to save the Chesapeake Bay so people could continue to enjoy it, and how sad it would be if we couldn’t.
    Under the direction of Mrs. Kristin Witmer, the fifth-grade chorus treated Sailing Club members and guests to two songs: “There’s A Little Wheel A-Turning in My Heart,” an African American folk song, and, “Heave-ho Me Ladies,” a sea chantey.
    After sharing their thoughts, singing and reminding us all that we need to be conscientious stewards to ensure future generations continue to enjoy the beauty our treasured Chesapeake Bay has to offer, the students joined the West River Sailing Club members and guests in more singing: the Navy Hymn and a spirited chorus of the National Anthem to mark the official raising of the flag.

–Susan Whalen, Diane Depew and Patricia Paris