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Two Cheers for Local Business Guide

In the old neighborhood the other day, I picked up a copy of Bay Weekly. The local business issue was superb. There’s a story behind all those who buy — and don’t buy — ads. I bet it will bring the “never-buy-ads” folks to rethink their “business plan.” 
–Pat Piper, Arlington, VA
Just finished this week’s [September 28] Bay Weekly and was delighted with the content. When I first arrived in the area, I didn’t know anything or who to go to for services. I was lucky to be a recipient of your very first issue, which helped orient me to our business community. Ever since, I glean the pages for the ads. (I miss the Sisk Auto Body jingle, the first one I always looked for.) I try to patronize the folks that advertise in your paper. Since they support you, I’ll support them. 
Thanks for enjoyable reading over the many years.
–June Hall, West River