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Your Say (May 30-June 5, 2019)

Maryland Real ID: Poorly Conceived and Complicated


     Relative to the new rigorously enforced Maryland Real ID drivers license requirements:

     This is a poorly conceived and complicated process. I have a PhD and have worked for 40 years in my science profession. I completed all the boxes, assembled the documents and scheduled an appointment at Loveville in St Mary’s County for 12:30 on June 25.

     But … 

     The appointment would not “confirm.”  “Please wait” stayed on and on with no resolution. What should I do?

     Of course call 410-768-7000, wasting more work time. How long will the hold time be on the Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend, when we are scheduled to travel out of state some 250 miles?

     All of which, today, has cost an hour of my valuable time, and which will waste half a day of my professional workday in the middle of a busy June week, if the appointment works.

      Calvert County, incidentally, with over 90,000 people, has no facility to complete this process, which is not explained on the “select county” page.

      I have friends less fortunate and some older and less competent than I who will never be able to figure this out. What are they to do?

      Thanks for letting me vent.

–Kent Mountford, Lusby