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Your Say: Nov. 8-14, 2019

Our Favorite Periodical
        Your newspaper has taken on a new look with a new dimension, and I am really enjoying it. Every issue follows a theme and all the articles connect. Recently, the Bay Weekly featured articles on senior living and retirement. Then we read many articles on Fall Fix-Up that offered many helpful hints to motivate your readers.  
        The Bay Weekly has become a favorite periodical in my house, and I look forward to all those interesting stories written by our neighbors. Yes, we do miss Dr. Gouin and his extended knowledge of gardening and living down on the farm. His articles entertained and delighted us for many years.
       It is so rewarding to pick up the Bay Weekly and read it from cover to cover and really enjoy every article. You and your staff are doing a great job. Keep up the good work! 
–Barbara Joan Windland, Friendship
Another Competitor for Wax Myrtle Berries
       Thanks to Dr. Wayne Bierbaum for the beautiful pictures and stories he shares in Bay Weekly.
       We very much enjoyed the picture and article about the butter butt, who we saw plenty of in Cape May. But your comment that the myrtle warbler is the only bird that can eat wax myrtle berries left me wondering if you had missed what we thought was the greatest spectacle at Cape May. 
      On Saturday, October 6, at The Meadows, we got to see at least thousands, probably tens of thousands, of gorgeous blue tree swallows swooping down like a tornado to sip water, snatch up flying bugs and gobble up wax myrtle berries.     They have a migratory advantage over other swallows by being able to eat the bayberries. They can get by later in the fall even if the bugs have disappeared.
        I had heard that they preferred mosquitos and gnats, but the clouds of tree swallows at Cape May seemed ecstatic to find the loaded bayberry bushes even though there were plenty of flying bugs. We had stumbled on a flock feasting in that same way at Point Lookout in Maryland a few years ago, but the show at The Meadows was heart-stopping.
Kathryn O’Grady Whipple, Tracys Landing