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Your Say: Step up to End Domestic Violence

     Thirty years after the nation awoke to the scope and impact of domestic violence, the United States still grapples with the aftermath of violence by people who usually are intimate partners.
     We know the slogans and statistics on domestic violence.
It is time to take personal responsibility to lend a hand to those who live in the shadows of domestic violence. Be the change that helps someone you know to break the cycle of violence.
     In Calvert County, we have taken action to improve the lives of those suffering emotional, physical, financial and psychological trauma of domestic violence. A partnership between the Calvert County Health Department’s Crisis Intervention Center and the Commission for Women provides advocacy and services to those affected by domestic violence.
     The Crisis Center’s services include advocacy and crisis intervention helpline; annual Clothesline Project displayed to honor those who live in or have escaped domestic violence; individual counseling; abuser intervention; and shelter. 
     Take the first step to end domestic violence in our community. Join the Community United Domestic Violence Awareness Vigil and Honorees Ceremony October 17, 7 to 8:30pm at the College of Southern Maryland (off Rt. 231 at 115 JW Williams Rd., Prince Frederick).
     Register at Eventbrite:
–Ariane Odom and Corrita Meyers: Calvert County Commission for Women