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Nameless Heron Closer to an Identity

Vote for your favorite name

More than 550 of us aspire to name the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s famous blue heron on the Save the Bay license plates. Three finalists name the cut. Now you get to vote for your favorite.
    Hattie the Heron, suggested by Jane Dimalanta of Jessup in honor of her great-great-great-great-grandmother. “She was a strong woman and so is our beautiful bird.”
    Seemore D. Bay, by Lesley Ann of Chester, who hopes this name reminds us to see more of the Bay and work to protect the treasure.
    Wade, by Megan Flickinger of Frederick. Simple and descriptive, thought Megan. We wade into the Bay to check water clarity; herons wade into the Bay to fish. Maybe you have an Uncle Wade, too.
    Like the sentiment behind Hattie, enjoy the cleverness of Seemore or appreciate the simple Wade. Either way, vote for your favorite at