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Way Downstream …

       Fish are falling from the sky in Utah. No, we’re not talking about an osprey dropping an occasional croaker en route to the nest, like we see on Chesapeake Bay. What’s happening in Utah is tens of thousands of fish dropping from airplanes as wildlife workers stock remote lakes with tiny trout and Arctic grayling. 
      Watch the video at, courtesy of the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources.
       “Because the fish are tiny,” the website says, “they easily survive their aerial drop without injury or harm.”
       We’re reminded of the ill-fated Army Corps of Engineers operation a few years back in Chesapeake Bay, dropping vast quantities of oyster spat from aircraft. Too bad flotillas of cownose rays got wind of the Corps’ plan: They gobbled up the baby oysters, an expensive lunch indeed.
      We wish them better luck in Utah.