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This Week’s Creature Feature ... Roll Out the Bark-o-Lounger

Fido has a TV channel

It’s tough being a dog. As we rush out the door for work, they get a quick pat on the head. Then you’re gone and Fido is home alone.
    Fido now has his own TV channel to watch while you’re away.
    That’s right. A television station, broadcast 24/7, just for the dogs.
    Premiering in San Diego, California, in March, DOGTV was designed to keep dogs from being stressed and anxious when home alone. “DOGTV is the ideal babysitter,” reports its website. “Research shows that dogs feel better in the company of television, especially when the right content is on.”
    DOGTV fills “a dog’s typical daily routine and helps prevent mental fatigue, depression and boredom.”
    Programming rotates among three- to six-minute segments in three categories: relaxation, stimulation and exposure.
    Anxious dogs may find Zen in the relaxing segments. Dogs suffering from lack of stimulation — which may not be so bad when a dog is home alone — are excited by segments programmed with invigorating images, animation and real world sounds. Perhaps ringing doorbells?
    Fido may be chomping on the remote to see for himself, but as of now, DOGTV is only available to San Diego canines. A national launch is anticipated within the year. Until then, you and Fido can view clips of the three programming categories at