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Drink Your Way to a Cleaner Bay

"Drink Boh, save crabs! Oh boy, what a cause!"

- Mr. Boh

A cold beer is a summer staple. Now when you sip your shandy in the sunshine, it’ll be for the good of the Bay.   

After a successful launch of Crab Shack Shandy — Natty Boh’s first new release in 30 years — the Baltimore brewery kicked off a program to benefit the Chesapeake Bay.  

Throughout the summer, Natty Boh 12- and 16-ounce cans come with red, crab-etched tabs. For every tab returned, 10 cents will be donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s local blue crab research and habitat restoration efforts.  

The program, Tabs for Crabs, has officially begun in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. It continues on until October 1, so grab a few cold brews and save your crabby tabs.  

Natty Boh hopes to collect 100,000 tabs to donate $10,000 towards the Foundation’s crab restoration initiative.  

“The response we received from the 2017 inaugural Tabs for Crabs program was truly a testament to the importance of our Bay lifestyle,” said C-Mo Molloy, National Bohemian brand manager and Baltimore native. “We are hoping to harness that excitement to drive increased awareness and continue to give back to this beautiful place we call home.” 

Collected tabs can be mailed or dropped off to National Bohemian Tabs for Crabs, 3600 O’Donnell Street, Suite 185, Baltimore, 21122 by October 1.