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New Tags for Vets

Disabled veterans' license plates redesigned

Disabled veterans now have license plates to be proud of.  

The redesigned Disabled Veterans license plate adds color and prominently features red, white and blue stripes with stars to symbolize service to country. It continues to feature the letters DV, to designate the driver as a disabled veteran. Disabled Veteran is now spelled out in red along the bottom of the plate.  

After seeing a variety of veteran plates with patriotic designs at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Capt. George Durgin, of the U.S. Public Health Service, contacted the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration’s Outreach Program. He provided photos of other states’ plates, which served as a baseline for the new design. 

“The newly designed Disabled Veteran Plate is one more way we can show our gratitude and honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much for Maryland and our nation,” said Gov. Larry Hogan.  

Veterans determined to be 100 percent disabled, permanent and total, by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs are eligible to apply for the plate at no cost.