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Way Downstream …

A dam shame

The devastating effects from Conowingo Dam debris and Exelon Corp.’s profits seem out of whack. 

In case you missed it, Chicago-based Exelon, one of the nation’s biggest and richest energy companies, has seemed less than sympathetic to the plight of Bay boaters and businesses suffering from what is flowing out of the Susquehanna River after the recent rains. 

This week, Maryland officials requested help from Exelon at “a critical moment” in Chesapeake Bay. What Maryland heard back was lawyerly talk. 

“Any suggestion that we are seeking to circumvent our environmental responsibility is both factually and legally inaccurate,” wrote John Barnes, president of Exelon Power. 

Exelon is suing the state of Maryland and denying responsibility for all that pollution flowing into the Bay. 

Should we sympathize? The energy business is booming. Exelon’s quarterly earnings report this month represented an earnings surprise of over 16 percent. Last quarter also was better than expected. 

The company — which operates in 48 states and the District of Columbia and has more nuclear plants in the United States than any other corporation — reported revenues last year of $33.5 billion. 

So Marylanders were a tad surprised at Exelon’s miniscule contribution to the ongoing Bay emergency: a $25,000 donation to the Chesapeake Bay Trust.