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How giant sharks’ teeth became ‘ultimate cutting tools’
      A new study based on sharks’ teeth found in Calvert County concludes that the teeth of megalodon, the largest shark in history, evolved over millions of years to a knife-like shape perfect for killing and eating whales and dolphins.

Polystyrene ban passes in Anne Arundel

        Say your goodbyes to Styrofoam.     

         Anne Arundel County passed a bill to ban polystyrene products from any food service establishment by January of 2020.

         The success comes eight months after former County Executive Steve Schuh vetoed similar legislation.


Apply now for David Glaser Educational Fund

       For Annapolis musicians, gigging is only part of the job. Another big part is looking out for one another.

         “It’s a capricious business,” says Matt McConville, the singer-guitarist-songwriter who founded Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians to fill the gaps. Last year, the self-funded nonprofit donated $60,000 to sustaining and supporting a new generation of musicians.


New sunscreen rules on the way

      There’s a ray of good news from Washington, D.C., and it’s about time with so many new cases of skin cancer: The Food and Drug Administration last week released the outline of new rules governing over-the-counter sunscreen.


Community service group asks your help

      The Deale Elks Lodge has been a cornerstone in Southern Anne Arundel County for 44 years. Known for its support, generosity and general do-goodery, the fraternal organization makes regular donations to Shady Side Elementary, Deale Elementary and the South County Youth Association....

Know before you go

      Wondering where that snowplow is as wintery precipitation falls? You can find out on Anne Arundel County’s new tracking system.

Parole’s club opens grant application gates

      Need a grant?
      Now’s the time.
      The Rotary Club of Parole has opened the floodgates for non-profit, youth-focused grant hopefuls. 

End of an Antarctic Quest

       It’s been more than 100 years since Ernest Shackleton’s ice-crushed ship Endurance sank in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea, sending survivors on a famous trek for survival across ice floes and near-frozen seas.

Calvert Library writes local history

       In Calvert County, the public library has gone beyond collecting books to creating them. For Women’s History Month last March, the library sponsored Inspiring Black Women of Calvert County. This year men take the stage as subjects of a new local history book, Inspiring African American Men of Calvert County.


Scholarship Corner

Annapolis Rotary Club Scholarships
For: Up to four graduating seniors in Annapolis area high schools and homeschoolers (zip codes: 21401, 21403, 21409, 21144) planning to attend a college or university and with a demonstrated commitment to community service; awards of $1,000 each.