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Bay Bites Q&A

Bakers Thomas and Pam Storm of Great Harvest Bread Company

What inspires you?
    We love all kinds of baked goods but particularly enjoy trying traditional breads from around the world.

What’s your culinary background?
    Thomas owned an ice-cream store in downtown Annapolis for 25 years before switching to bread.

Where do you eat on a night off — at home or out?
    In: Chinese takeout.

What’s your favorite local ­restaurant?
    Cantlers. Who doesn’t love a crab feast?
Outside of work, what do you do for fun?
    Play with our grandchildren, Phoebe, three, and Ingrid, one and a half.

What’s new?
    We’re really looking forward to Food Day October 24. It’s an international celebration of real food and real ingredients, and we can’t wait to celebrate the five ingredients that make up our honey whole-wheat bread: flour, water, honey, yeast and salt.

Great Harvest’s French Toast Casserole