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How to Carve the Turkey

A rested bird and a sharp knife are essential

1. Carve out a proper amount of time to cook the turkey. When coordinating your schedule Thanksgiving morning, keep in mind that between taking the turkey out of the oven and carving it, you should allot about 20 minutes. This waiting period is not frivolous. It makes the handling of the hot turkey easier on your hands, and it gives the meat’s juices crucial time to redistribute.

2.  If your turkey is tied, remove the string. Then remove each leg and thigh from the body of the turkey, using your hands to separate and your knife to slice through the meat.

3. Separate the thighs from the legs by pulling on a leg and using your knife to slice. Target the V area with your knife, feeling around until you find the joint. Slice the meat away from the thigh bone and place it directly on your serving platter.

4. Remove the wings using a similar method. By identifying where the joint is, you can avoid slicing bone.

5. Using an even stroke, slice each breast from slightly off the midline. Slice down, gently pulling the breast away on the side you’ve chosen. Slice each breast into quarter-inch-thick slices. Place on your platter. Alternately, cut slices of breast directly off the turkey, parallel to the rib cage. Keep the slices even on both sides.

6. To make the job smooth sailing and avoid tearing the meat and making a mess, use a sharp straight-edge knife and a carving fork to steady your meat.

7. In the days leading up to the holiday, sharpen all the knives you will need for food prep, particularly your turkey carving knife. A compact electric knife sharpener is a kitchen essential to have on hand for everyday use, as well as for major holiday feasts, as it is ideal for precise sharpening of straightedge knives. Smith’s Housewares sharpeners feature a manual slot for polishing a freshly ground edge or a quick touch-up of already sharp knives.

8. Add a garnish to the serving platter to make your turkey a feast for the eyes. Fresh in-season herbs, fruits and vegetables all work well to complete the look.

–StatePoint News Service