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Plant a Tree and Green the Planet

Without even lifting a shovel

      At Christmas time, when so many trees are cut, the right gift for people who have most everything — or whom you wish to honor or commemorate — might be a tree. A tree is a gift that lasts, offering beauty, shade and habitat-enhancing air and water quality and reducing energy costs every day of its potentially long lifetime. All the better if your gift tree demands not a bit of care.

      Maryland Department of Natural Resources promises to make the Gift of Trees effortless.

      Maryland’s Forest Service does all the work, from growing the native trees to matching your gift tree with a needy location, along creeks and streams, in a park, playground or schoolyard; or in a town or city. Foresters choose both the  spot and species to best assure your tree flourishes well into the future. Trees will be planted in the spring.

     The tangible reminder of your gift is a Gift of Trees certificate suitable for framing. Order your gift tree by December 15 for delivery by Christmas. Each tree is $40: