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Way Downstream …

Revelers leave Virginia Bay beach a sad sight


      Oh, those Virginians.

     Floatopia, the annual Memorial Day weekend bash in the far reaches of Chesapeake Bay, drew hundreds of partiers on Sunday.

  But the story afterward was not the good times but the almost incomprehensible amount of trash they left behind at Chic’s Beach.

  Virginia Beach Public Works employees and volunteers collected two tons of just about every variety of beach and party gear imaginable, from clothing and towels to liquor bottles and boxes to tents, umbrellas and plastic toys. As the event sprouts largely on social media, tracking down organizers to scold proved difficult.

  Virginia Beach City Councilman Michael Berlucchi used his Twitter account to sound his disappointment at awakening on Memorial Day to see “trash all over our beautiful Chesapeake Bay beach.” He posted the photo below.

  “We can do better than this!” he said — an admonition we hope resonates with visitors to our part of the Chesapeake.