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From Your Garden

Gathering Figs

Figs, like many fruits in our yard, are a month early this year. We have two varieties, including my favorite, brown turkey, which I’d picked up at Mount Vernon in 2006 and nursed through a few years of condo living before planting in Annapolis. The other is Hardy Chicago, and I’m getting more of them this year, when they taste better than they usually do.
    I like figs because I’m a lazy gardener. Beyond using some fish emulsion/seaweed (diluted Neptune’s Harvest) as foliar feed and fertilizer, about the only thing I do is mound up wood chips around the base during winter to keep the trees from freezing. Figs will regrow after a freeze, but that can mean going without fruit for a time, depending on freeze severity. In fact, my biggest challenge is beating ants to the harvest and using the bounty quickly enough.
    If I can avoid eating all of them fresh, I plan to try them stewed, perhaps with some other summer fruits and some spices, but no added sugar. The figs are sweet enough.
    –Leigh Glenn, Arnold

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