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Bay Weekly's 2017 Health & Wellness Guide

Expert tips for the new year and beyond

Continue Your Fitness Journey at Poston’s Fitness for Life

Fitness trainer Bob Poston, right, with one of his regulars.

People come through our doors seeking our professional and personalized guidance in learning how to exercise more effectively and efficiently. In our facility they find more than a trainer. They find a coach, an accountability partner and a friend who works with them in their fitness journey.

Poston’s Fitness for Life: 10735 Town Center Blvd., Suite 4, Dunkirk; 301-327-5246;

Get Personal, Compassionate Dermatological Care for You and Your Family

Dr. Faris Hawit is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, and Heather Montgomery is a board-certified nurse practitioner at Calvert Dermatology.

Often people with a history of sunburns will notice a new growth or changing mole on their skin and will make an appointment to see us. We evaluate the growth as well as their entire skin for skin cancer and will send a biopsy (if it is warranted), reassure them (if it is benign) or will take measurements and carefully observe the lesion for any change.
    If the biopsy shows it is a cancer, we thoughtfully communicate the diagnosis and discuss with the patient and their family the details of their tumor. We advise them on the simplest, most appropriate, yet effective treatment. If a cancer does require Mohs surgery, our staff takes pride in doing an outstanding job with excellent results. Our mission is to provide each patient with the highest quality medical and surgical care with exceptional service, integrity and an individualized patient plan.

Calvert Dermatology & Skin Cancer Surgery: 130 Hospital Rd., Suite 200, Prince Frederick; 410-535-4561;

Thai for Flavor and Health

Thai food is a very healthful cuisine reliant on freshness and a combination of tastes: sweet, sour and spicy.
    Paradise Noodles, for example, combines green beans, bell peppers and chili paste with seafood.
    Som Tom is a papaya salad combining green papaya with tomato, Thai chili, garlic peanuts and dressing; it is spicy.
    Not all recipes are spicy. While most curry items are spicy, Massaman Curry is like a delicate stew combining potatoes, peanuts and meat or seafood.
    Chef Tanida Thiesse, who hails from Surin Province, will serve only food that she ate growing up in Thailand. She uses only the freshest meat, seafood and vegetables, plus many ingredients imported from Thailand.

Thai Paradise Restaurant: 57 W. McKinsey Rd., ­Severna Park; 410-544-7622;

Find Patient-Centered Medical Care at Owensville Primary Care

Owensville Primary Care has been serving South County as a community health center for over 40 years. We provide internal and family medicine, behavioral health, insurance eligibility/
enrollment and care management services in a patient-centered medical home environment.
    A well-informed patient who participates in treatment decisions and communicates openly with their health care professionals is a patient who will ultimately benefit greatly in achieving and maintaining a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Owensville Primary Care: 134 Owensville Rd., West River;

Keep Those Tails Wagging

Healthy living extends to our animal companions, as well. At Pepper’s Pet Pantry (voted Best Pet Store in our Best of the Bay), we can help you find the right product for your pet needs. Our wide selection of high-quality natural products includes dry kibble, canned, freeze-dried and raw foods. Our trusted brands have the finest ingredients with no by-products, chemical preservatives, cheap grains, artificial colors or flavors. We also carry grain-free and gluten-free foods and treats. We carry wild bird seed, and have enlarged our small animal product section, too.
    Plus, you’ll enjoy great savings with our competitive pricing, our Frequent Buyer program and our own PAWS Loyalty Program.

Pepper’s Pet Pantry; 13372 H.G. Trueman Rd., Solomons; 410-326-4006;

Discover the Difference of Boutique-style Fitness ­Tailored to Your Needs

Pilates instructors LaToya Asher, left, and Pilates Plus owner Susan Spangler.

High school football players, top, get an extra edge with the mobile Pilates core-building workout.

People come to us because they are searching for something. Sometimes it’s specific, like Pilates, because no other studio in our area has the classic Pilates equipment and expertise that we do. Sometimes they are just searching for something different. We are not a gym. Often people are tired of the gym scene and want to experience boutique-style fitness with services tailored to their needs. Often, people come to us because they are looking for private yoga. But once in our doors, they realize that they need a more holistic approach to meet their goals. Because we offer a variety of services — yoga, Pilates, reflexology, Thai massage, etc. — clients’ needs are solved more holistically.
    Often people come to us because they have tried other things that don’t work and they are ready to try something different. The most common comment we get when people walk in the door: It feels different. From our aromatherapy, which is diffusing, to our relaxation therapies, to the beautiful Southwest mural on our feature wall, you know right away, we are different.

Pilates Plus Wellness Center: 14400 Old Mill Rd., Suite 201, Upper Marlboro; 301-952-1111;

Quit Smoking in 2017

The Learn To Live program of the Anne Arundel County Department of Health, in partnership with local community medical providers and organizations, sponsors free quit-smoking classes for adults who live, work and attend school in the county.
    The free classes include counseling and may include nicotine replacement therapy. Preregistration is required.
    The following local community partners offer quit-smoking classes:

• Anne Arundel Community College, 101 College Parkway, Arnold.
Classes are ongoing: 410-777-2480;
• Anne Arundel Medical Center, Belcher Pavilion, 2000 Medical Parkway, Annapolis: 443-481-5555;
• Baltimore Washington Medical Center, 301 Hospital Dr., Glen Burnie: 410-553-8103: visit (click on Community, then Smoking Cessation.)
• Owensville Primary Care, 134 Owensville Rd., West River: 410-867-4700;

    For more information, including the popular “Your Roadmap to Quitting” self-help booklet, call the Learn To Live Line at 410-222-7979 or the Spanish Language Line at 410-222-4479. Materials can also be ordered or downloaded at

Anne Arundel County Department of Health: and

Signs to Look for When Your Child Seems Ill

Dr. Azam Baig with patient Terrance Thompson.

Asthma in childhood is mainly triggered by a viral illness. An easy way to look for trouble breathing is to watch your child’s respiratory rate and chest movements. Excessive chest movements and uncontrollable cough is a sign that your child may need immediate attention. We always make time to see such cases right away so please never hesitate to call.
    Strep infection in children is treated with antibiotics to prevent damage to the heart and kidneys.
    If your child has an abrupt change in behavior and is showing signs of tics, anxiety, etc., this may be a sign of PANDAS — Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections. We are able to diagnose and treat this enigmatic illness.
    Vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration can be a serious illness in small children. We do not recommend any over-the-counter medication and definitely nothing containing any aspirin-type compounds. Test for dehydration by pushing lightly on your child’s skin. It should blanch and recover within two seconds. Significant delay may be a sign of dehydration. New medication can help a vomiting child right away.
    Please call for advice if you are not sure your child needs treatment.

Dr. Azam Baig, South River Pediatrics: 224 Mayo Rd., Edgewater; 410-956-6302;

Just Walk in for Medical Care When You Need It

Can’t get in to see your primary care doctor? Don’t need (or want) to go to the emergency room? AFC Urgent Care can see you today, with no appointment necessary. Just walk in. We treat most all non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. With both a lab and digital X-ray on site, most of your needs can be addressed at our one location. Our highly trained medical staff and experienced physicians provide medical services to all ages, beginning at six months. The center is open seven days a week with extended hours for your convenience. We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare, and offer affordable self-pay options and are conveniently located at 3059 Solomons Island Rd. in Edgewater, in the South River Crossing Shopping Center (between Five Guys and Sweet Frog).
    So if you need medical attention today, just stop in. Or give us a call for more information: 410-956-3394.

AFC Urgent Care: 3059 Solomons Island Rd., Suite. F-2, Edgewater; 410-956-3394;

Learn CPR to Save a Life

Learn the steps to save your own life or someone else’s in a life-threatening situation. People as young as eight through 99 years old can easily learn CPR and first aid through my training style. With 30 years of experience as a certified CPR/First Aid instructor, I can teach you CPR to save your life or someone else’s. I offer group or individual classes at your location or in my studio.
    One simple step you can take if you experience choking: Hold your belly, bend over and grunt as hard as you can. It could save your life.

Duvall CPR & First Aid, Carrie Duvall, Owner-Instructor: 410-474-4781

Resolve in 2017 to Give You and Your Family Peace of Mind

Attorneys Nicole Livingston, Jon J. Gasior, Colleen Sinclair Prosser and ­Victor A. Lembo.

Do you know what will happen to your family and your assets if you become incapacitated? Do you know what will happen to your loved ones after you pass away?
    Many people do not like to think about illness, injury or death. While it is understandable to put these topics out of your mind, you can put your family — and yourself — in a very bad situation if you do not plan ahead in case of illness and for the eventuality of your death.
    Waiting too long to make an estate plan can leave you and your loved ones in trouble if something unexpected happens. If you have not planned in advance and you need nursing home care or you get sick and cannot communicate your medical decisions, your family members could be put in a difficult position and you could face significant financial trouble and even receive unwanted medical care that you wouldn’t have chosen.
    Rather than leave yourself and your family at the mercy of fate and hope nothing bad happens to you, it is best to be prepared in advance. Get the help you need today so everything is in place in case of an emergency. This is just as important for young people as it is for the elderly, especially if you have small children to provide for.
    Give us a call at 410-573-4818 or contact us online to learn more about the personalized assistance we can provide to you in Annapolis, Bowie, Millersville, Waldorf and surrounding areas in Maryland. SinclairProsser Law attorneys Colleen Sinclair Prosser, Nicole Livingston, Jon J. Gasior and Victor A. Lembo will help ensure you have taken care of the essential estate planning issues so you can give yourself and your family the peace of mind of knowing everyone is protected.

Estate Planning and Elder Law, Attorneys SinclairProsser Law, LLC: 900 Bestgate Rd., Suite 103,

Up Your Quality of Life with a Personal Nutrition and Fitness Program

Best of the Bay Personal Trainer Krystal Castro, left, and Chesapeake Health & ­Fitness owner Linda Strohecker.

Whether you’re a young mother of two like Krystal Castro, certified personal trainer, or a grandmother of four like Linda Strohecker, certified personal trainer and owner and president of Chesapeake Health & Fitness & Body & Soul Spa, your quality of life begins with your nutrition and fitness program. Let this be the year you invest in yourself. It will be the best investment you’ll ever make. Ask about our new program, Nutra-Fit, and let us help you get started.
    Congratulations to Krystal for winning Bay Weekly’s Best of the Bay Best Personal Trainer and for Linda for winning the Best Gym in Anne Arundel and Calvert counties.
    You can find both Linda and Krystal at Chesapeake Health & Fitness.

Chesapeake Health & Fitness: 624 E. Bay Front Rd., Deale; 410-867-7440; ­

Feel Better with ­ Bowenwork Therapy

Bowenwork is a gentle, safe, powerful and effective muscle and tissue therapy practice, used to stimulate the body to heal itself. It takes an hour or less and can be done through light clothing. Beneficial for a wide range of conditions including recovery from traumatic injury and illness, Bowenwork can also be used to promote relaxation and wellness.

Dawn Groves, The Bowenwork Center for Wellness: Churchton;; 410-867-8776

Take a Little Me Time to Recover from Stress

Life can be so hectic at times, and stress can really take a toll both mentally and physically. Many of our guests enjoy visiting the spa regularly because it helps them to de-stress and relax.
    That could mean anything from enjoying an awesome facial, a great massage to unwind, a makeover — or more socially — a manicure, pedicure, new hair color or style … a little Me Time.
    It is our mission to help our guests look and feel their best. We have a team of very dedicated professionals, a welcoming, relaxing environment and plenty of retail therapy in the boutique. We use and recommend only the best quality and most advanced products for everything we offer, most of which cannot be found anywhere else locally besides Jacqueline Morgan Spa.

Jacqueline Morgan Spa: 128 Main St., Prince Frederick; 410-535-6059;

Want to Lose Weight? I’ll Turn You into a Fat-Burning Machine

Carbohydrates are not your enemy. They are a fuel source in your body, just not the best fuel source.
    Consuming excess white starchy carbohydrates — breads, pasta, rice, potatoes and processed grains — is very likely to cause weight gain and a host of health problems.
    Excessive carb intake can make you gain water weight and even fat. But if you’re consuming the right amounts and types and sticking to a managed daily allowance, this ­shouldn’t be a major issue.
    Here’s how this works.
    Water Retention: After your body converts carbs into glucose (raising blood sugar), any leftover fuel (sugar) gets converted into a complex carbohydrate called glycogen (pronounced gly-ko-jen).
    Then this glycogen is stashed away in your liver and muscles for use later as energy, and quickly turned back into glucose as needed. This process is directed by hormones. The issue is that glycogen tends to make muscle tissues hold onto extra water, ultimately making the number on the bathroom scale increase.
    Prevents Fat Burning: With all this stored up sugar in the form of glycogen in your liver and muscles, your body isn’t allowed to burn fat as the primary energy source. Directed by hormones, fat loss becomes nearly impossible, at least unlikely, all due to excess white carbohydrate consumption.
    What you want to do is use fat as your energy source. Achieve that goal by a fourfold diet pattern: drastically cut back on those wicked white carbohydrates, provide ample protein and healthy fat in your meals, fuel between meals, drink plenty of pure water. When you drastically cut back on carbs, you may lose weight rather quickly.
    Increasing lean muscle mass effectively burns up excess sugar.
    Barring any endocrine (hormonal) issue, you will be using up excess glycogen storage, forcing your body to release extra water weight. Then and only then will your body allow you to burn fat for energy.
    On my doctor-prescribed weight-loss program with my proprietary weight-loss components, you’re going to lose weight, feel great and have a ton of energy. We handle this all up front for you. We get you to where you’re a fat-burning machine.

Dr. James M. Wagner, DC: Annapolis; 410-224-0022;