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Fathering ­Millennials

In a society dominated by technology and social media, what’s a 21st century father’s job?

Lance Garms and daughters Sofia, 15, Julia, 12

Lance, 46, of Annapolis, is an IT security ­consultant, sailor and single Dad.

My daughters are the most important people in my life. We spend a great deal of time together learning, exploring and having fun. I’ve been sailing about 15 years, but my daughters started sailing with me about four years ago. It’s thrilling for me to watch them progress, and I see them enjoying it more and more all the time. Their confidence has grown immensely, and they are both very comfortable handling our 35-foot sailboat.
    I feel that my most important duty as a parent is to provide the support and encouragement they need to become strong, independent women. Watching that happen is a wonderful gift for me.

Ryan and Joseph Shifflett

Ryan Shifflett, 35, of Arnold, a sergeant in the Second District of the Metropolitan Police Department, lost his father Joseph at an impressionable age when he was only 21. He is now a father himself, of 20-month-old JJ.