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Mascot to a Great Cause

Why I don a plush, pink pig-suit at Pirates Cove’s Pigs & Pearls fundraiser

      Pink’s generally not my color of choice. But on a spring day at Pirates Cove Dock Bar, a girl’s gotta say, why not put on a pig suit?
       I am the Pigs & Pearls mascot: a five-foot-five-inch bipedal pig — pink of course — with a white belly. It’s not a sight you’ll see for long, kind of like a shooting star. 
       The real draws of Anthony Clarke and Michael Galway’s Pigs & Pearls fundraiser are Chef Steve Hardison’s awesome barbecue, fresh-shucked oysters and the spring reopening of the dock bar. Plus the virtuous satisfaction of raising money for the West/Rhode Riverkeeper.  
      Riverkeeper Jeff Holland’s mission of sustainability is a cause near-and-dear to my heart. Growing up during the DDT plight of the 1970s when the pesticide destroyed the viability of raptor eggs, I believed that I’d never see our national bird alive and in the wild. As I grew older and my confidence dwindled, so did raptor numbers … Until concerned people turned that national tragedy around.
      Today I can explore the Bay shoreline to catch sight not only of bald eagles, but also osprey, heron, foxes and all the creatures that live alongside us. I can eat steamed crabs, rockfish and oysters freshly caught from our waters. None of that would be possible without the cooperation of scientists, environmentalists, business owners — and ordinary people like you and me. 
      That’s why you’ll find me donning a plush pigskin for Pigs & Pearls. The folks at Pirates Cove, the Riverkeeper and guests are all banding together to protect a wild way of life in modern times, so I’m taking a little time on April 28 to rock the pink. 
     There’s something about hiding inside fuzzy pajamas and a pig head that makes me want to sip a cold drink and dance to music by the Eastport Oyster Boys. The trick is to avoid crashing into guests, knocking over drinks or falling off the dock while trying to navigate from inside a big puffy pig suit. Other than those simple rules, my day is all about shaking that curly tail and having fun with the kids.
      You don’t need to go all-out pig. But you might be lucky enough to pick up a pig nose and a pearly white necklace at the door.
      Come to Pirates Cove, eat well and have fun — all for a good cause. That’s what I’m going to do. And for the record, this pig loves great barbecue.
April 28, 2-6pm, Pirates Cove Dock Bar, Galesville, $45 w/discounts, rsvp: 410-867-2300.