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Natty Boh Proves Good for Blue Crab Health

Mr. Boh presents a check to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

       All hot summer long, Baltimore’s Natty Boh gathered tabs and cash to give to Maryland’s favorite crustaceans.
      From June to September, Natty Boh 12- and 16-ounce cans came with red, crab-etched tabs. For every tab returned, 10 cents was donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s local blue crab research and habitat restoration efforts. 
      The program, Tabs for Crabs, ran statewide in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Boh’s goal was to collect 100,000 tabs and donate $10,000 toward the Foundation’s crab restoration initiative.
       On October 9, Mr. Boh presented a check to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for $10,000. More than 90,000 red tabs were collected, topping last year’s collection of 85,000 tabs. This year left Natty Boh just shy of the goal, but the Baltimore brewery added the remaining $1,000 to round out the donation.
        “We love that the community embraced Tabs for Crabs,” said C-Mo Molloy, National Bohemian brand manager and Baltimore native. “It’s great to come together for a fun, easy way to do good and protect the beauty of our beloved regional landmark, the Chesapeake Bay.”