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Spirited Transformations

How to become Spider Woman, the Mummy or the Walking Wounded

And the winner is …
    Creating memorable homemade Halloween costumes is a long-running tradition for crafty moms and dads. Some are as easy as cutting up your mom’s favorite sheets, while some require a little more preparation.
    If you always wanted to create your own costumes but were discouraged by the complexity or didn’t think you had time, follow these quick directions for a contest winner.

Spider Girl or Woman

Transform your little angel — or yourself — into a scary spider woman.


Light colored liquid foundation (you can use powder if     that is what you have)
Black liquid eyeliner
Plastic Spiders
Black eye shadow
Plastic straight edge (like a small ruler or the back of a plastic knife)
Spirit gum
Cotton swabs
Makeup remover
Black nail polish
Press on nails
Long black dress
Translucent powder

Create your perfect web face on paper to use as a model.
    Dress spider woman in an old tight black dress.
    Pull on a headband and wash face with soap and water; pat dry. Use paper towels folded along the collar to keep makeup off the dress.
    Now apply makeup. Cover face, ears and neck as far as neckline with light foundation. Outline eyes top and bottom with liquid eyeliner, adding an upward flare at the outer ends. Apply black eye shadow to eyelids, fading up brows. With the same eye shadow, darken under cheekbones following their line, this time darker on top and fading out downward. Now she looks sullen. Apply dark lipstick, accenting the points of the mouth.
    Next, create the spider webs using a plastic ruler (or knife) edged with black eyeliner. Following your spider-face model, touch the edge to face and rock it from end to end to make each straight web line. Continue making all radiants, angling them out from a central point such as the bridge of her nose. Darken the lines freehand with liquid eye liner. Draw in the spirals of the web by hand.
    Apply spiders with spirit gum, sticking a drop on each spider and touching it to the face. Hold in place until the spider stays on. (If the spiders won’t stick, dip the end of a cotton swab in makeup remover and spin it on the spot for the spider. Let dry, then reapply the spider.)
    Add webs and spiders to the back of hands as well.
    Lightly brush translucent powder over the face to lock in makeup. Apply black nail polish or black press-on nails.
    Accessorize spider woman to taste.
    Finish with spidery hairstyle: teased out, braided into webs or tied in a ponytail hot ironed and sprayed stiff and fanned out.

Mummy Boy


Brown pencil eye liner
Brown eye shadow
White pants and shirt
Fabric strips for bandages (use cloth medical wraps sold at drug stores, or cut a white sheet into strips)
Tea bags or yellow and brown powder makeup
Spirit gum

Age strips in a bowl of water and tea bags or rub the strips with wet tea bags. Hang to dry. For the makeup, pull on a headband and wash face with soap and water; pat dry. Use paper towels folded along the collar to keep makeup off the white shirt.
    Now apply makeup. Cover face, ears and neck as far as neckline with light foundation. A grey tint works best. Use brown eyeliner pencil to outline the top and bottom of the eyes. Use brown eye shadow, fading out. Below his eyes fade down, creating a dark circle. Apply the same shadow below his cheekbones fading down, around his temples, fading toward his hairline and down the sides of his chin.
    Use the brown eyeliner pencil to create lines and wrinkles on his forehead and around his mouth. Use a greyish lipstick to age his lips with wrinkle lines. Lightly brush translucent powder over the face to lock in makeup.
    Dress him comfortably in white pants and shirt and begin loosely wrapping the strips around his head. Use spirit gum to stick loose bandages in place on his face. Wrap heavier ones on the back of his head and age any hair that sticks out with foundation. Loosely wrap around his neck, torso and arms. A stapler works great to keep all the wraps together.  You can staple to his white clothes, but make sure the staple ends fold under so they do not poke the skin. Or use dots of spirit gum to glue the wraps together. For an added touch, use a yellow and brown powder foundation and a brush to highlight the wraps.

The Walking Wounded

Ready for more? After you’ve mastered simple makeup, you might be ready for liquid latex. Use this easy wound-making method to create zombies, survivors of car accidents or explosions or a Terminator whose silver skull peeks through. Make one large wound or several smaller ones according to taste.


Makeup sponge
Sea sponge
Liquid latex
Tissue paper
Gel blood or red grease makeup
Depending on look:
Silver paper
Black powder

Pull on a headband and wash face with soap and water; pat dry. Use paper towels folded along the collar to keep makeup off clothing.
    Choose wounded area and dab it with liquid latex in a circle twice the wound’s diameter. Rip up tissues and place one layer on the latex. Tapering in from the previous latex layer, saturate the tissue with another layer of latex. Let the latex dry between applications. Repeat until you have saturated no less than five layers.
    Once dry, pinch the center of the circle with your fingers and gently pull it away from the face. With small scissors, cut the tip off and let go. The latex will have a hole in the center. With your fingers, widen the hole to desired diameter and roll back the edges. You can also shape the edges with scissors if you are careful not to cut the skin. Fill in the hole with the appropriate color foundation (red for blood, white for bone) and gel blood.
    For road rash, bruises are red, purple, green and yellow tapering out. To create an asphalt scratch effect, use a sea sponge dipped in blood-red grease paint and streak out in a straight line from the wound.
    For the Terminator silver-face effect, spirit-gum silver paper to the face before you apply the latex. Extend the latex over the ends of the paper. Once the latex is pulled and cut, add grease paint to the inside of the skin, but do not color over the paper.
    For burned effect, paint the exterior of the wound with red grease paint and pat with black powder to scorch the skin.
    For a zombie effect, use any of the above or be creative and use green oozing gel — or whatever else you believe a zombie must have. Dress in tatters.

Bay Weekly contributor Zaid ­Mohammad was trained as a dramatic make-up artist.