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The Water’s Fine

Smithsonian encourages teens to dip their toes into filmmaking 

       If you’re looking for storytellers to tell tales of their love for water, ask a Chesapeake Country native. 
      Who’s asking for stories? 
       It’s the Smithsonian.
      Calvert Library was selected to join the Smithsonian’s Water/Ways exhibition, a study on the significance of water in communities across the country. 
       “Getting the exhibition was a coup,” said Calvert Library Director Carrie Plymire. “It’s even more gratifying to offer the opportunity to Calvert students.”
       Students will create their own documentary highlighting relationships to water. They’ll get to use professional filmmaking equipment to turn their vision into reality. Then, their individual stories will be intertwined with others from cities around the U.S. 
       “Imagine being a teen who contributed to a Smithsonian exhibit, Plymire added. “What a great story for a college entrance essay.”
       The search for student filmmakers is underway. Find out how to apply at Calvert Library in Prince Frederick’s Oct. 27 (2:30-4:30pm) class and resource fair, Step 1 to Creating a Documentary, the first in a series to support the students’ work.