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48 Days of Blue

Big strides toward a healthier planet

48 Days of Blue made waves. By the time the National Aquarium campaign to protect the environment (started on Earth Day) concluded on June 8, World Oceans Day, it had proved that small changes can help to protect the oceans that cover 71 percent of the earth’s surface.
    More than 3,700 eco-warriors completing the campaign’s daily challenges refused — hence never wasted — 29,486 pounds of plastic. That’s about the weight of seven American cars. Also saved were 500,000 watts of energy, enough to power a U.S. home for 45 days. Enough trees have been planted to generate oxygen for more than a thousand people.
     An astounding 11.7 million gallons of water — enough to fill 16 Olympic-size swimming pools with water to spare — have been saved. Two Meatless Monday challenges were a big contributor to this triumph. A huge amount of water is required to produce meat. Putting a pound of chicken on the shelf at a grocery store can take 500 gallons of water; A pound of beef requires nearly 2,000 gallons.
    “Through 48 Days of Blue,” said Nabila Chami, National Aquarium social media strategist, “our organization has been able to connect guests, volunteers and our online community in meaningful conservation action.”
    In June, National Oceans Month, you can help keep the wave going. Get involved by following past challenges on