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Bin It, Bag It, Bundle It

Better options for bagging leaves become the rule

Be sure to ask Santa for compostable paper bags or a new bin for your yard waste in 2017. Beginning in January, neither Annapolis nor Anne Arundel County will accept plastic bags in its curbside pickup of grass clippings, leaves, Christmas trees and other yard waste.
    The new regulations mean putting yard waste in a bin (but not your yellow one for recyclables), biodegradable paper bags or in a secure bundle tied with twine. Mark reusable containers with an X. In the city of Annapolis, you can request a 32-gallon green recycling cart for your yard waste.
    Protect paper bags from rain, as a wet bag of leaves is heavy and sure to break.
    Annually, Anne Arundel County collects some 30,000 tons of curbside yard waste. Dealign with plastic bags increased processing costs while causing more trash.