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Greening Christmas Customs

Visit the Annapolis Green House for gifts, ideas, recycling

Not every gift you’ll read about in Bay Weekly this week wants wrapping. But the gifts you do wrap can look pretty without generating a ton of waste in the form of boxes, bows, ribbon and tissue paper. The eco-organization Annapolis Green has set up shop as the Annapolis Green House at 92 Maryland Avenue and is-wrapping gifts using unique, innovative packaging in recycled, fun materials that would otherwise go to waste. Think burlap, fabric, blueprints and more — plus all the wrapping materials you’ve recycled from years past.
    On your visit to the Annapolis Green House, drop off any broken strands of lights. Annapolis Green collects old lights for recycling at MOM’s Organic Market through a system that harvests valuable materials or reuse. Replace your old lights with energy-saving LEDs.
    They’ll recycle your old wine corks, too.
    Annapolis Green’s Christmas Crab Compost makes a novel gift. The sure-to-grow-anything compost is the end product of 13 tons of crab shells, corncobs, cardboard trays, napkins, melon rinds and other organic material generated at this year’s Annapolis Rotary Crab Feast, which fed 2,400 people. For four years, Annapolis Green has helped the giant crab feast eliminate its trash destined for the landfill. That waste has instead been composted and packaged in gift-wrapped five-gallon buckets ($10) and one-gallon bags ($5). Christmas Crab Compost takes buying local to a new level and helps the gardener in your life to a green start in 2017.
    The Green House is open Tues., Wed., Fri, 11am-3pm, by appointment and at Midnight Madness December 8 and 15. Or buy Christmas Crab Compost online at