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Thanksgiving for Our Bounty

Prayers and a reflection for the feast 

     Native peoples have lived in symbiotic harmony for many generations with the North American continent. Learning its treasures and confronting its challenges they have lived on this land. They are hunters, gatherers, farmers, warriors, artisans, and they live in loving families based on organized tribal groups. These are honorable, sharing friends. Let us recognize these indigenous peoples and their diversity.
     The Pilgrim colonists, new to this part of the earth, are bound together by faith and conviction. They are stern and strong-willed people who are legitimately seeking a life free of overbearing persecution. The people from across the great water are sensible farmers and skilled in metals and mechanics and transforming the earth. Let us recognize these people as organized, hard-working and peace-loving.
     We are all good people who love our children and, even though some may have peculiar ways, we all rely on one another. The Pilgrims have iron tools and wheat and cookies. The Natives have intimate knowledge of the ecology of the earth and know how to flow with her rhythms. Let us recognize that we have much to learn from one another.
     Our reason for gathering on this day is our desire to be friends and honor the treaty between us — help one another, teach one another, understand one another and honor one another. We offer thanks to one another and to the natural bonds that sustain us. We are blessed with great riches. Let us recognize that it is our responsibility to conserve and restore this gift.
     Let us gather and celebrate Thanksgiving with this unifying spirit.