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Summer hits Chesapeake Country


     In terms of good timing, Bay Weekly’s annual Summer Guide, 101 Ways to Have Fun, is going to prove its value to you right out of the gate. Our 40 pages of fun hit the streets last Thursday in time for summer’s Memorial Day kickoff. The first week of June runs nose and nose with the first week of December as Chesapeake Country’s busiest and most fun-filled.

     In case summer is getting ahead of you, let me remind you of good times that can be yours for the going. Find full details in your copy of 101 Ways to Have Fun. If you missed it last week, this guide to summer fun will still be stocked this week at many of our distribution spots.


May 30 thru June 2

      Way 4: Celebrate Greek Heritage and Cuisine at Greek Fest. Read Brad Dress’s story Greek for a Day in this week’s paper and you’ll see why this annual celebration is the closest you’ll get to Hellas this side of the Atlantic Ocean.


Saturday, June 1

Way 5: Get Crooked Fest: Get prepped for fun, music and beer with founder Daniel Messeca’s Bay Weekly conversation in this week’s paper. 

Way 6: Bowiefest

Way 7: St. Clement’s Island Heritage Day

Way 9: Cape St. Claire Strawberry Festival

Way 36: Annmarie Garden’s Green Living Festival and Market


June 1 & 2

Way 8: Hammond-Harwood Secret ­Gardens Tour 

Sunday, June 2

Way 11: Jefferson Patterson Park’s Children’s Day on the Farm


      Summer’s steamy arrival in Chesapeake Country brings more than a harvest of fun. If you’ve planted a garden, you’ll be reaping its rewards. At our house, husband Bill Lambrecht’s vegetable garden has given us a month of salad days, including a spinach lasagna I’ll freeze to enjoy when we’re eating cucumber and tomatoes rather than greens and radishes.

      I’d like to hear what’s growing in your garden, and what you’re making of it. If you’re not a gardener, follow Way 15: Eat Fresh From Farmers Markets to your share the abundance of this great wet, hot growing season. 

     Planting is on-going business in a climate like ours, so you’ve still got time to plant milkweed seeds to help monarch butterflies continue their age-old cycle of migration from Mexico to Canada via Chesapeake Country. Thanks to the environmental long-sightedness of readers Helena Scher and Don Risher, Bay Weekly continues to give away free milkweed seeds. 

      Helena started us off with close to 100 envelopes of seed she had harvested from last year’s crop of monarch-sustaining common milkweed, which despite its name is a beautiful plant. Once we’d given all her seed out, Don, who is a partner in Belair Engineering, replenished our free supply from his own harvest.

     For your free seeds, stop by our office or send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return by mail: 1160-A Spa Road, Annapolis, MD 21403. 


You Look Just Like Dad

      Father’s Day June 16 is a week closer, so don’t delay in sending us your father and child lookalike photos, please, plus a few words of the family ­legend of your resemblance. Email to [email protected] before 1pm Monday June 10.

Photos will again be voted on by readers and prizes awarded.

Mother’s Day lookalike winners have collected their prizes.

For Krystle Castro and family, tickets to this week’s Crooked Fest.

For Heather Colabucci and family, membership to the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. 

For Karen Murphy and family, tickets to Gavin DeGraw’s August 2 concert at Calvert Marine Museum. 

For Dawn Siebert and family, tickets to Calvert Marine Museum’s sold-out June 1 Kane Brown concert.


Sandra Olivetti Martin, Editor and publisher

[email protected],