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The Movies Go Back to Work

Three classics on the job
     For your after-work leisure hours, Bay Weekly Moviegoer Diana Beechener chose three classic takes on hating, loving and obsessing about work. 
9 to 5
      Three overworked and underpaid women office workers rebel against their chauvinist boss. Once they’ve pushed him out of the picture, Violet, Judy and Doralee (Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton) pretend to make changes to the workplace in his name. Will this new and improved office make them heroes, or are the ladies bound for trouble?
      A classic comedy about sexism, underappreciated labor and revenge, this is the perfect movie for working people not keen on going back to the office Tuesday. The brilliant flick also has an eponymous theme song that’s the perfect soundtrack for any workday.
Director: Colin Higgins
1980 • PG • 109 mins.
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
     Jiro Ono’s restaurant in the basement of a Tokyo subway is one of Japan’s most sought-after dining experiences. The 85-year-old chef has devoted his life to perfecting old and new techniques to make the best sushi in Japan. He expects his son and kitchen staff to satisfy his exacting standards with every piece of sushi. 
      This documentary about a man’s drive for perfection is the perfect film for those who love their work. Whether he’s massaging an octopus for hours or carefully slicing pieces of handpicked salmon, Jiro happily offers excellence to all his customers. This documentary should inspire you to raise your standards — and sharpen your appetite for sushi.
Director: David Gelb
2011 • PG • 81 mins.
His Girl Friday
     Newspaper editor Walter Burns (Cary Grant) is horrified when his star reporter and estranged wife Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) walks into the office to announce she’s divorced him — and is planning to remarry. Hildy is  trading in the job-obsessed Walter for a man who can give her a traditional home life. To keep Hildy around (both as a spouse and a reporter), Walter uses her love of a good story, convincing her to help exonerate a convicted murderer. 
      His Girl Friday is the classic depiction of workers who love their job a little too much. Both Grant and Russell are great as a couple who love one-upping each other almost as much as they enjoy writing a good story. Neither knows how to shut off their drive. If you have a hard time going two minutes without checking your email, this is the comedy and cautionary tale for you.
Director: Howard Hawks
1940 • PG • 92 mins.